Julian Heicklen’s 2010-02-08 Progress Report

Posted on February 8th, 2010 by bile
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1. Legal cases

I have three legal cases active at present. You are aware of the case against Homeland Security et al. The civil complaint has been mailed to the U. S. District Court in Manhattan. A criminal complaint has been mailed to the JURY ADMINISTRATION OFFICE NEW YORK COUNTY SUPREME COURT, DA OFFICE OF SPECIAL PROSECUTOR, and CIVILIAN COMPLAINT REVIEW BOARD COMPLAINT UNIT for consideration by a NY Grand Jury. One of my legal advocates has agreed to write the criminal complaint to be submitted for consideration by a U. S. Grand Jury.

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Julian Heicklen’s 2010-01-26 Progress Report

Posted on January 26th, 2010 by bile
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from an email sent out to supporters

Hi Tyranny Fighters:

We now are getting organized. The following organizational help has materialized:

  1. Four photographers have taken videos of the FIJA demonstrations. Two of them I do not know. One photographer has provided the critical video of October 26, 2009, when I was charged with forcibly resisting arrest. Antonio Musumeci, a photographer who received a citation, has agreed to be a co-plaintiff on the civil case.
  2. I have two legal advocates that help prepare legal briefs.
  3. One of you has agreed to be my webmaster.  Stuff will appear on my web page shortly.
  4. One of you has offered to write an article about the arrests  for publication in a mainstream magazine.
  5. At least 3 of you are regularly providing publicity.  These are Garry Reed, Mike Benoit, and Antonio Musumeci. There are others also, but I am unaware of names or details.
  6. Iloilo Jones of FIJA has been very helpful and supportive.
  7. Some of you are forwarding my e-mails to your e-mail lists.
  8. One of you makes my signs.
  9. Staples has been very helpful in copying, binding and delivery of manuscripts.

Future activities include two speeches that I will give: on March 13 at the NJ Libertarian Party Convention at Rutgers; and on May 8, I will deliver the sermon at Congregation Beth Shalom in Teaneck. NJ.  When the weather gets warmer (March or April), I will return to the Monday appearances at the U. S. District Courthouse in Manhattan.

Court cases: Today the civil complaint against Homeland Security and others went to Staples for copying and binding.  It will be mailed to the court on Wednesday hopefully (or Thursday).  Next will be the criminal complaint to the grand Jury of New York County (Manhattan). The criminal complaint is nearly in final form and should be submitted the first week in February.  Copies of these complaints will be posted on my web page.

In regard to the Homeland Security action, both Musumeci and I were summoned to magistrate court  for January 19.  I notified the court that I would not appear or pay the fines. Musumeci appeared with a lawyer from the NY Civil Liberties Union, which has agreed to represent him. However Officer Barnes, who wrote the citations did not appear. The cases should have been dismissed, because the citing officer did not appear. However, the magistrate postponed the hearing for a month.  I assure you that if Barnes had appeared, but we did not, judgment would have been rendered against us. That is what equal justice means in the U.S.

Right now what I need from the rest of you is publicity, publicity, publicity.  Notify your e-mail lists and write letters-to-the editor. Also ask others to join us.  At the moment we have over 100 people on this e-mail list, but we will need 1000 in order to spread the actions accordingly.  I expect to go to the District Courthouse in Newark, NJ, as well as in Manhattan, in the spring.

Warning: You should know that The Federal Protective Service is intercepting my e-mails. Another violation of our civil liberties.



Yours in Freedom —Julian

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Julian Heicklen’s 2010-01-15 Progress Report

Posted on January 15th, 2010 by bile
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From an email received around noon, 2010-01-15:

Hi Tyranny Fighters:

I received 4 summons from the District Magistrate of the U. S. District Court in Manhattan. These were 3 citations and one misdemeanor criminal charge that I received while distributing FIJA literature in front of the courthouse. The fine for each of the citations was $100.00, which I could pay by mail or appear in court on January 19, 2010. I was ordered to appear on January 19, 2010 in court for the misdemeanor charge of forcibly resisting arrest.

I notified the magistrate by mail that I would not pay the fines nor appear in court. Four reasons were given in my letter. The complete letter is posted at:


From the above you can see that I have resuscitated my web page, which has been idle for over seven years. I completely forgot how to use the web. I have spent 5 full days relearning how to do this. Much more material will be appearing there in the near future concerning the court cases. If any of you have freedom pages on your websites, let me know. I would be interested in looking at them and linking any appropriate sites.

I am adding a section to my periodic E-mails to inform you of freedom activities of other tyranny fighters. If their activities are of interest to you, please contact them. Their E-mail addresses will be in my E-mail open addresses at the top of my E-mails. There are at least 3 people who would be delighted to hear from you. They are listed below. If you would like to be added to the list, let me know in what activities you are involved.


Iloilo Jones is Executive Director of the Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA). You can purchase jury information and pamphlets from her. I encourage you to do so and distribute them at courthouses on jury selection days. The FIJA website is www.fija.org.

Mike Benoit is a libertarian activist in the San Diego, CA area. He founded and operates the Freedom Library. He runs a radio program called Tyranny Busters on Liberty Works Radio Network, Monday thru Friday 7 to 8 pm PT www.lwrn.net, www.blogtalkradio.com Call in number 646 721 9122. Recently he has written a book entitled “Sham and Shame of the Federal Income Tax,” which can be purchased for five dollars by contacting Mike directly. He is very knowledgeable about income tax law.

Garry Reed writes regularly for the Libertarian News Examiner. He is eager to get news about liberty issues that he can publicize. He has been great in publicizing my activities.

I am sure that there are others of you who should be on the list. Let me know.

Warning: You should know that the Federal Protective Service, and possibly the FBI, is intercepting my E-mails. Be prudent in what you write to me.



In related news the NYCLU is representing me next Tuesday with regard to my November 9th, 2009 arrest for filming on federal property.