History of Anarchism by Darian Worden @ AltExpo #6 at PorcFest 2010

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Darian Worden writes for the Center for a Stateless Society and his own blog Revolution and Sarcasm. He’s also a co-host of Thinking Liberty.

10th Amendment called “baloney” by MSNBC’s Dave Shuster

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I’m of the opinion that this guy is in need of a history book. The 10th Amendment was explicitly added (amended) to the original constitution in order to clarify Article 1. Besides this guys logic is flawed at a fundamental level. How can the amendment be override by the original, unamended text? Does this mean that the president and vice should be the individuals with the most and second most electoral votes again?

He’s got nothing on Bernanke and the Federal Reserve

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When Albert Talton decided to print some of his own money, he had no experience in counterfeiting, printing, or graphic design. A career criminal with a curious and meticulous nature, at the time Talton didn’t even own a computer.

His first batches of fake bills were created using a standard HP desktop printer. And they weren’t very good. Yet, according to a story by Men.style.com, Talton soon became one of the most accomplished and prolific counterfeiters in the history of the U.S.

Over the course of three years, Talton managed to evade capture and print $7 million worth of $100 bills. His team used garden variety laser printers, computers and imaging software to circumvent sophisticated anti-forgery technologies built into every bill. The case illustrates how technology has made it much easier to commit high crimes with tools available at a typical consumer electronics store. Every week or so, Talton picked up new printer cartridges from his local Staples store, dropped off his empty cartridges at the store’s recycling bin, and even used a rewards card to collect points to use for future purchases. On May 15, he was finally caught with five accomplices, according to Coin News.

How good was Talton? Most counterfeiters do not make more than $10,000 worth of bills before they are caught,according to Men.Style.com. Talton’s illicit talents certainly funded a nifty lifestyle. During his counterfeit spree, Talton spent lavishly on expensive home audio equipment and exotic cars, including a $140,000 Mercedes Benz. He also became one of the most wanted men by the U.S. Secret Service, the government agency that polices counterfeiting, one of only two crimes mentioned in the U.S. Constitution.

Rob McDonald, Professor of History at West Point, Details Shays’ Rebellion

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Any respect for John Stewart continues to erode

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The rightwing attacked Stewart for his cool and well-thought-out position that Truman was a war criminal for his atomic bombings.

So here Stewart is, cravenly retracting his wonderful moment of truth and logical consistency. He bends over backwards to make himself look respectable, to laugh off his “stupid” condemnation of Truman’s murderous actions.

Of course Truman was a war criminal. Beyond Hiroshima and Nagasaki was Operation Keelhaul, whereby Truman helped Stalin round up millions of expatriates and subject them to Soviet slavery (and in many cases death). Then there was his undeclared war of aggression in Korea, where he targeted civilians with napalm and deliberately destroyed dams to flood villages filled with helpless people.

Truman is one of my litmus tests for the left. For all their problems, leftists who at least are antiwar enough, and nonpartisan enough, to recognize that Truman, domestic dictator, architect of the Cold War and butcher of millions and destroyer of cities, is not any more admirable than the relatively less criminal George W. Bush, tend to get my respect. Those who defend Truman’s acts of mass barbarism represent all the worst “liberal” ideals of the 20th century. On the other hand, those, like Stewart, who seem to have the instinctual desire to speak the truth, only to backtrack and defend one of history’s greatest murderers, are perhaps even more obnoxious than the latter group.

This is an example of what’s wrong with the extreme liberal mindset

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If you disagree with us you are a bigot and mentally disabled. Awesome argument. Not a lick of evidence. Nor does she have a very good grasp on reality or history. She’s a far bigger bigot than anyone she’s describing.