Family Says 911 Tape Caught Cops Planning Cover-Up After Shooting

Posted on October 3rd, 2009 by bile
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PHOENIX (CN) – A homeowner says a Phoenix police officer shot him six times in the back during a 911 home-invasion call, and the 911 tape recorded the officer’s partner saying, “That’s all right. Don’t worry about it. I got your back. … We clear?” The family says the officers were not aware that the 911 call was still recording as they spoke about covering up the shooting.

In their complaint in Maricopa County Court, Anthony and Lesley Arambula say an armed intruder “crashed through the front window” of their home on Sept. 17, 2008 and ran into one of their son’s bedrooms.

Anthony, worried about his son who was still in his bedroom, says he “held the intruder calmly at gunpoint” and called 911.

Phoenix Police officers already in the neighborhood heard the crash of the Arambulas’ window. When they approached the house, Lesley says, she told Sgt. Sean Coutts that her husband was inside holding the intruder at gunpoint. Lesley says Coutts failed to pass on that information to the two other officers.

Inside the house, the Arambulas say, Officer Brian Lilly shot Anthony six times in the back while he was still on the phone with the 911 operator – twice when he was on the ground.

The officers ran into the bedroom after Anthony told them, “You just killed … you just killed the homeowner. The bad guy is in there.”

The complaint states that Officer Lilly “admitted that it was only after Tony was laying, bullet-ridden, on the ground that he assessed the situation. The 911 tape continued to record what happened even after Officer Lilly unloaded his weapon into Tony, including Officer Lilly’s post-shooting, one-word ‘assessment’: ‘Fuck.’

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Excellent economic analysis

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About John Thain though… I agree with Lew Rockwell. What about Obama?

Ex-Merrill Lynch CEO Thain is being villified for spending $1.2 million to redo his office, including $1,400 on a wastebasket, as the company was losing money. It was wrong, and he paid the price. But Obama is redecorating the White House, and buying a new “Air Force 1″ for himself, the most expensive airplane in the world, as the government loses trillions. How much stolen money does it take to keep the president and his court in imperial style? Is any of this appropriate in a depression? How much are the wastebaskets in his palace? Such questions are never asked.