Obama’s “drug czar”, Gil Kerlikowske, declares marijuana has no medical value

Posted on July 23rd, 2009 by bile
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From an MPP email today:

“Marijuana is dangerous and has no medicinal benefit.”
– White House drug czar Gil Kerlikowske, at a Fresno, Calif., press conference yesterday (http://www.fresnobee.com/local/story/1553061.html )

Not again.

In fact — and it’s getting a little tiresome to keep repeating it — the esteemed Institute of Medicine, American Nurses Association, American Public Health Association, American Academy of HIV Medicine, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Lymphoma Foundation of America, American Academy of HIV Medicine, and dozens of other medical organizations recognize marijuana’s medical value.

What’s more, President Obama’s own statements on the campaign trail about marijuana’s medical efficacy run counter to his new drug czar’s statements yesterday.

We need to stop this in its tracks. Would you please speak out against this ridiculous, outdated argument:

1. Please use MPP’s online action center at http://control.mpp.org/site/Advocacy?pagename=homepage&page=SplashPage&id=358 to e-mail the president about the drug czar’s statement.

2. Please call the drug czar’s office at (202) 395-6700 to politely complain that we’re still hearing this sort of nonsense.

We need to make sure the drug czar receives the message loud and clear that the anti-science Bush era is over.

Thank you,

Rob Kampia
Executive Director
Marijuana Policy Project
Washington, D.C.

P.S. As I’ve mentioned in previous alerts, a major philanthropist has committed to match the first $2.35 million that MPP can raise from the rest of the planet in 2009. This means that your donation today at http://control.mpp.org/site/Donation2?idb=0&df_id=1180&1180.donation=form1&s_src=NA_072309 will be doubled.

Border Patrol confronted : Part 4

Posted on June 13th, 2009 by bile
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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

The last segment where they find that his ticket was dismissed is great.

Varrin Swearingen: Freedom lovers, stand up

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Published: Saturday, June 13, 2009

For those of you who don’t know me, allow me to introduce myself.

I moved to Keene in 2004 with my wife of 16 years and two children, now 7 and 8.

I have owned the same home in Keene since moving here. I attend Grace Evangelical Free Church in Spofford, am a DC-10 captain for an international charter airline, home-school our active children and play drums and other musical instruments.

I also serve as the president of the Free State Project.

Over the past several weeks, numerous news articles and opinion pieces have mentioned the Free State Project. I’d like to offer facts and opinions that I hope will shed light on the subject from an angle not yet covered.

I am in the unique position of being both a resident of Keene, a focal point of recent local and national press, and an official representative of the Free State Project.

First, as a representative of the Free State Project, I’d like to present several facts that correct or clarify inaccurate and misleading statements that have appeared in The Sentinel and other media outlets lately:

1. The Free State Project is very simple: It seeks 20,000 participants who agree to move to New Hampshire, where they will exert the fullest practical effort toward the creation of a society in which the maximum role of government is the protections of life, liberty and property.

2. The Free State Project does not take positions on specific issues, legislation or candidates for office. It does not specify any area for participants to move to, and it does not specify tactics for achieving a “free state.”

The project itself does not exert the fullest practical effort. Participants in the project do so on their own.

3. The Free State Project does not own or control any radio shows, newspapers or magazines.

4. The Free State Project is funded through donations and does not have members, dues, or shadowy corporate backers. Its budget is small and financial reports are posted on the Web site.

5. The Free State Project’s most visible activity in New Hampshire consists of two events each year: the New Hampshire Liberty Forum, and the Porcupine Freedom Festival.

The 2009 Porcupine Freedom Festival will be June 25-28 in Lancaster. Those interested in learning more about the Free State Project, and meeting some Free State Project participants are encouraged to attend.

Though the project takes no position about the activities that have received so much attention lately, I do have personal opinions as a resident of Keene.

I, too, wish all the antics would stop.

It disappoints me that a mature group of people could be so foolish as to waste tax-funded law enforcement resources by initiating attacks against such nonviolent silliness as giving a manicure, holding a plant, or not meeting someone’s aesthetic preferences for outdoor furnishing.

Then, when performers of such nonviolent acts make audio or video recordings of the taxpayer-funded assaults, or choose not to cooperate with threats, the law enforcers get upset and initiate more acts of physical violence.

All this makes law enforcement look more like a gang of perpetually-adolescent thugs than civilized adults.

All of this generates news and opinion pieces, peppered with factual inaccuracies and slurs, that support the notion that it’s good to spend tax dollars assaulting nonviolent, non-fraudulent behavior, whether it be provocative or just plain goofy.

And that’s just plain goofy, or at least it should seem so to anyone who values liberty.

Maybe the question here is, who values liberty? Will the real liberty lovers please stand up?

Free State Project
2 Starlight Drive

Border Patrol confronted : Part 3

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Help erect a giant billboard to inform the American people before they enter the illegal checkpoint. click here — http://www.donate2camerafraud.com/

We did our job…now please help and spread this video.

The [u]nited States is a Republic and only democracy loving fools allow their rights to be violated by government.

This video is NOT anti-cop…it’s pro-peace officer.

One of the Border Patrol agents actually said on camera the checkpoint is a joke.

This is NOT about the border, mexicans, illegals or terrorist but more about control.

Meanwhile the actual boder is left wide open and this checkpoint which is known by everyone is somehow going to stop the flow of whatever?? LMAO

Furthermore, how easy would it be for a Cartel to pay off one of these douche bags. Not hard at all.

On memorial day I and the rest of The Phoenix Revolution took a road trip to honor the people that have supposebly died so we would NOT have to go throught checkpoints.

They claimed that SS officers in Nazi Germany were just doing there job as well when they gased and murdered innocent people.

If their job is to violate your God given and Constitutional rights then that is a job they should NOT be doing….Furthermore they cannot plead ignorance. These gestapo are grown adults not children.

Here is the video of our friend and hero Pastor Steve Anderson who was beat and tazed by DPS and Border Patrol for standing up against treasonous NAZI checkpoints.


Do something and pass this video along to others..This is part 3 of 4.

NEWSFLASH the border is 60 miles south and we were on a highway that runs east-west?

Why don’t they do their job at the actual border instead of unconstitutionaly harrasing, assaulting and tazing thousands of Americans on a daily basis.

Special thanks to Renaa, Chuck G, and High Tower (FireZues).

Thank you to all my viewers and donations without it this is not possible!


One who breaks an unjust law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for law.
Martin Luther King, Jr

Part 1, Part 2

I like what these guys are doing generally… but again… there are no “illegals” nor “Constitutional rights.” A person can not (should not) be illegal merely their actions and the US Constitution is a negative rights document. It does not define or give rights.

To whom did videogame developers donate in the 2008 US presidential race?

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About seventy-five percent of game industry presidential campaign donations went to democrats, based on a sampling of developers and publisher donations over the past two years obtained from the Federal Election Commission.

Kotaku looked at presidential campaign donations for nine companies from January of 2007 through the end of July, 2008. The companies included were Activision, Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Nintendo, Sony Computer Entertainment of America, Take-Two, THQ, Ubisoft and Valve.

The database showed that the nine companies donated a total of about $97,800 to ten candidates, about $61,000 of which went to democratic candidates, while about $36,700 went to republican candidates.

The company with the largest contributions to campaigns was Electronic Arts, followed by Activision and then Valve. The company with the smallest amount of donations was Take-Two. Hit the jump for an avalanche of colorful pie charts and one, single, lonely bar graph.

The graphs unfortunately are scaled down too much to clearly see the legends on all of them but it is clear that while they lean Democratic party, Ron Paul was the favorite Republican. Being that I’m a gamer and a supporter of Ron Paul I’m glad to see this. Especially the Sony breakdown.

Barr campaign getting desperate already?

Posted on August 16th, 2008 by bile
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Got this from the Bob Barr 2008 campaign this morning:

Last Friday I wrote you with a clever message soliciting an $8 gift for the Bob Barr for President campaign._ It was, after all, 8-8-08 and I figured perhaps an appeal to your superstitious side may work.

But unless our computer is wrong, it didn’t._ I’ll admit it, my feelings were hurt – a little.

So today I write to tell you about how good fortune has fallen on several of our supporters who wrote to tell us what happened after giving their first $8 in support of Bob Barr.

__ _+ + +__ _Larry J. of Miami won the Florida Lottery and can now afford to give much more.

___ + + +__ _Karen T. of Seattle reports meeting the man of her dreams and thinks this could lead to a beautiful marriage and a lifetime of happiness.

__ _+ + + __ _John M. of San Antonio told us that his warts suddenly disappeared.

__ _+ + +__ _Kyle G. of Nashville writes that all of the weeds in his yard had disappeared.

__ _+ + +__ _Kevin B. of Akron says that after six months of unemployment, he’s got a job.

__ _+ + +__ _And Alan C. of Portland met the woman of his dreams…in Seattle.

Think of what you may have missed out on….

OK, I’ll admit it, I made all of this up._ But I’m not going to give up._ Shane Cory, our deputy campaign manager who has a cubicle next door to mine, suggested I sweeten the deal.

So here it is._ Five bucks from you today and I’ll send you a Bob Barr bumper sticker absolutely free._ (Shane wanted me to double the offer like that guy on TV selling cleaning products, but come on, this IS SERIOUS business.)

Come on, $5 is not much more than the cost of one of those fancy coffees from Starbucks._ In fact, $5 is less than lunch at McDonalds…and besides, do you really want those calories and fat grams?_ To donate, click here: https://www.bobbarr2008.com/donate/?c=bb0816

Please, $5 today – and I’ll never nag you again._ Thanks.


Robert Stuber, the official Bob Barr beggar

This isn’t the only donation solictitation I’ve seen from the Barr campaign with this type of pathetic plea. He’s not alone though. McCain’s campaign has sent out a few emails that are almost as sad.

Barr is going to be in NYC this upcoming Monday. I’m not yet sure if I’ll be attending. I’ve been saying he still needs to convince me to vote for him… perhaps this is his chance. What I do know is he’s not getting the $250 VIP donation required so I may hang out for an hour before he mingles with the regular fokes.