Free State Project hits 10,000 signups

Posted on March 15th, 2010 by bile
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*10,000 Join the March to Freedom in New Hampshire*

/For Immediate Release/

America’s boldest experiment in liberty, the Free State Project,
officially signed its 10,000th participant today. The organization is
dedicated to migrating 20,000 pro-liberty activists who agree to
downsize government to New Hampshire. The announcement comes in advance
of the Free State Project’s annual winter convention, the New Hampshire
Liberty Forum.

Jason Sorens, founder of the Project, said, “This is a great milestone
for us. It feels good to be half-way there. There’s still much to do,
but the project is continuing to grow and I am confident we’ll reach our
goal of 20,000 participants.”

Participants come from many backgrounds but all agree to move to New
Hampshire, where they will “exert the fullest practical effort toward
the creation of a society in which the maximum role of government is the
protection of life, liberty, and property.” The agreement avoids
political labels and allows individual participants to set their own
course to reach their goal.

“The Free State Project has no political platform or membership dues”,
Sorens stated. “We have participants who identify as conservative,
classical liberal, libertarian, anarchist, voluntaryist, you name it.
The things we care about are: Do you want more liberty and less
government? Are you willing to work toward it? Are you going to be a
good, neighborly person in your community? If so, the Free State Project
may be just what you’re looking for.”

While no one is obligated to move until 20,000 people have joined, 800
participants are already in New Hampshire. Four have been elected to the
state house and dozens more to local offices. Members have founded or
supported organizations around issues such as lowering taxes, gun
rights, drug law reform, spending caps, homeschooling, marriage freedom,
privacy protection, and state sovereignty. They have also started media
outlets such as nationally syndicated radio show Free Talk Live, YouTube
sensations like The Ridley Report, and print publications like the New
Hampshire Free Press.

FSP president Varrin Swearingen noted that “the FSP is more than just
being politically active, it’s also about community. Several cities have
regular social meetings with dozens in attendance. Members have met
their spouse through the Project. There is a full social calendar of
parties, hikes, game nights, you name it. Come for the liberty, stay for
the community.”

Early mover Margot Keyes of Epsom commented, “Many people move for jobs
or family, but rarely get a chance to move for their ideals. Why not
move to where you can find jobs, a lovely environment in which to live a
freer life, as well as a community where your ideas are not only
welcomed but shared?! Join the FSP community–live what you believe!”

When Swearingen was asked what the project is doing to reach the next
10,000 participants, he replied, “We are increasing our advertising,
starting direct telephone outreach, and increasing our presence at
pro-liberty events across the country. Now that members have moved to
New Hampshire we have hundreds of natural ambassadors that can speak to
how great it is here. One thing that sometimes holds people back is
their practical need for a job. We now have extensive online resources
available to help with that at
Thankfully New Hampshire has the best economy in the northeast, which we
hope to improve further.”

Judge Andrew Napolitano recently said that “The Project is
fascinating…” We certainly agree, and look forward to the Judge
extending his remarks on this milestone at the Liberty Forum, where he
will be the keynote speaker.


For more info contact
Free State Project, Inc.
PO Box 1684
Keene, NH 03431

Varrin Swearingen 559-709-8150 or
Jason Sorens

More coverage for background available at
NH Liberty Forum info at

Congrats. Now lets get them to NH.

Anarcho Jesse expected to report to Westmoreland, NH jail tonight for two days

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Anarchism vs. Minarchism: Stefan Molyneux and Jan Helfeld, Post Debate Review

Posted on September 4th, 2009 by bile
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Anarchism vs. Minarchism: Stefan Molyneux and Jan Helfeld

Posted on September 3rd, 2009 by bile
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Liberty Cap Talk Live Episode 4 featuring bile, Nancy Robbins and Casey J. Porter

Posted on September 1st, 2009 by bile
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In the fourth episode, Todd, Jim, and their panelists Liberty Cafe Show host Nancy Robbins, Liberty Cafe Show guest co-host and former Iraq veteran Casey J Porter, and anarchist blogger Bile discussed Free Stater and civil disobedience activst Cassidy Nicosia’s one-woman topless protest in Keene, NH and ongoing ObamaCare issue, Obama’s private meeting with former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD) on the public option, limousine leftists not happy with the state of Obama’s public option, Daschle outed as the man behind the cooperatives idea, the death of “Liberal Lion” Ted Kennedy, his illness and his involvement in the health care mess and his call for the Massachusetts Senate to change the law that he authored and helped pass in 2004 and that prohibits interim Senate appointmnents, and the federal government’s plan for a “Cash for Appliances” program after the end of the “Cash for Clunkers” program.

Note: Cassidy Nicosia, who was supposed to appear on the show tonight for a 30-minute interview, never showed up; either she got about it, something came up, or she just didn’t want to bother doing it. Whatever the case may be, I’m not going to have her on the show in the future for standing me up.

Original Air Date: 8/21/2009

Church vandals don’t understand, by Andrew Carroll

Posted on July 29th, 2009 by bile
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Seeing the trenchant prose of Friedrich Nietzsche disrespectfully spray-painted on a church building, coupled with anarchy symbols and cliched atheist mantras, left this particular Nietzschean anarchist with a bad taste in his mouth.

With no actual knowledge of Nietzschean or anarchist philosophy to stop them – and plenty of angst to aid them – the vandals have made nothing but fools of themselves, even amongst fellow anarchists, atheists and Nietzsche fans.

The famous, and usually misunderstood, quote “God is dead” is not, as our vandals seem to think, a criticism of the concept of God and any ethics derived therefrom, as much as it is a challenge to the atheists of the world, to the godless, whose value system is inherently nihilistic.

This nihilism is something that Nietzsche believes must be overcome (and he died trying to do it). He believed the atheist must struggle, in a world without God, to create his own values and find his own meaning.

Thus Zarathustra, the character who speaks the famous quote, goes on to say that we, after killing God as a source of value, must “become Gods ourselves…”

In other words, we must become the source of our own values.

That is the true meaning of the death of God: the birth of the Overman (in German: Ubermensch). I doubt our vandals ever actually read the original source of the statement, or understood it.

Instead, in typical pseudo-philosophical fashion, they ripped the quote out of context, lost the meaning, and spray-painted it on the side of a church: an act which ironically shows our vandals’ utter lack of values.

Next, the vandals went on to spray-paint anarchy symbols. As an anarchist, I take offense to this as well. Most anarchists I have ever met have nothing but complete respect for private property, and nothing but tolerance for different belief systems – which is why we are anarchists. The State represents, to me, homogenization, rather than diversity; control, rather than cooperation; theft, rather than respect for ownership; and violence, rather than peace.

The vandals represent all of the State’s values, and none of its antithesis – so how can they really call themselves anarchists?

Not only that, but the vandals are clearly ignorant of the many, many Christian anarchists – most notably, Leo Tolstoy. Even our founding fathers, who were religious, had strains of anarchist thought, which is why they never wanted the State to get involved with religion (or much else), so that religion would flourish in all its forms and people would be free to worship God in their own way.

So to spray-paint anarchy symbols on a church represents a complete lack of understanding of anarchist and Christian philosophy.

Finally, the vandals did something so ridiculous, something so incredibly indicative of their ignorance, that! one can not help but laugh:

They spelled Nietzsche wrong (yes, check out the video: they forgot the “c” every time).

How can we take such immaturity and hypocrisy seriously – especially when contrasted with the calm patience and caring forgiveness of the church members?

Seems to me that the members of Hope Chapel know where their values lie, and they take opportunities like this – where pain is forced upon them by an immoral act – to grow stronger in their faith. Nietzsche was right all along:

“That which does not kill you makes you stronger.”

Let’s hope the vandals can grow a little from this, too.

176 Church St.

I disagree that their actions show the “vandals’ utter lack of values.” It shows that they have destructive and anti-social values. Otherwise he’s pretty spot on.