This morning on CNN they asked some random girl on the street if she was afraid of the satellite falling and causing a problem. She replied, “No, I am afraid of the tainted meat though.”

I have two issues with the whole situation.

  1. The spy sattelite was a huge waste of tax payers money in the first place given it never worked. Maybe upwards of a couple hundred million. Now they are trying to show off by claiming this little satellite could harm people because of the highly toxic fuel on board and therefore we need to spend upwards of $60 million to blow the thing up. I’m all for blowing shit up but the likelihood of this thing not burning up in reentry and landing anywhere near civilization and spewing out toxic gases which harm those nearby is pretty low. The fact CNN bothered to ask such a question when other things going on and related to that story are much more important annoys the shit out of me. Especially since I have no choice but to see CNN at work.
  2. There is no tainted meat! The biggest beef recall in history is a big farce. The meat sold goes all the way back to February 2006 and is not tainted. No one has reported any problems with the meat from Hallmark/Westland Meat Packing Co. The reason for the recall was that some asshats decided it’d be a good idea to abuse and process beef from downed cows and a video of it got online.

I’m not going to claim that eating downer cows is a great idea but the chance of sickness is very small. This recall was absolutely called to punish the Westland Meat Packing Co. for making the government and specifically the USDA look like asses. I wish someone in the MSM would point to this and say “Look, see? The government can’t protect you any better. Don’t be retarded and let the industry handle itself.” Especially when you get stories like that of Creekstone Farm Premium Beef getting sued by the USDA for wanting to test ALL their cattle for mad cow voluntarily instead of the 1% the USDA does randomly. Why do people continue to think the FDA and USDA and other such agencies can or do protect them? At best they are incredibly inefficient and at worse, with regard to the FDA, keep drugs and other treatments from sick individuals who would have voluntarily taken them if given the chance. Delaying them for upwards of 15 years and tacking on hundreds of millions of dollars to the products overhead.