Liberty Cap Talk Live Episode 4 featuring bile, Nancy Robbins and Casey J. Porter

Posted on September 1st, 2009 by bile
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In the fourth episode, Todd, Jim, and their panelists Liberty Cafe Show host Nancy Robbins, Liberty Cafe Show guest co-host and former Iraq veteran Casey J Porter, and anarchist blogger Bile discussed Free Stater and civil disobedience activst Cassidy Nicosia’s one-woman topless protest in Keene, NH and ongoing ObamaCare issue, Obama’s private meeting with former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD) on the public option, limousine leftists not happy with the state of Obama’s public option, Daschle outed as the man behind the cooperatives idea, the death of “Liberal Lion” Ted Kennedy, his illness and his involvement in the health care mess and his call for the Massachusetts Senate to change the law that he authored and helped pass in 2004 and that prohibits interim Senate appointmnents, and the federal government’s plan for a “Cash for Appliances” program after the end of the “Cash for Clunkers” program.

Note: Cassidy Nicosia, who was supposed to appear on the show tonight for a 30-minute interview, never showed up; either she got about it, something came up, or she just didn’t want to bother doing it. Whatever the case may be, I’m not going to have her on the show in the future for standing me up.

Original Air Date: 8/21/2009

S. 3487 Serve America Act summary

Posted on September 22nd, 2008 by bile
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  • Grants for “Youth Engagement Zones”, “not less than $250k and not more than $1m. Eligible partnerships include: a community-based agency, local educational agency, a State Commission or State education agency, local government agency, office of the chief executive officer of a unit of general local government, institution of higher education. Priority given to “eligible partnerships that serve high percentages or numbers of low-income students.” “including partnerships that serve urban, and partnerships that serve rural, communities.” $20m, $30m, $30m, $40m, $40m appropriated for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 respectively. The funds must be used for: ‘solve specific community challenges’, ‘improve student engagement, including student attendance and student behavior, and student achievement, graduation rates, and college-going rates in secondary schools’, ‘involve an increasing percentage of secondary school students and out-of-school youth in the community in school-based or community-based service-learning activities each year, with the goal of involving all students in secondary schools served by the local education agency and involving an increasing percentage of the out-of-school youth in service-learning activities over the course of 5 years’, ‘encourage participants to continue to engage in service throughout their lives.’
  • Grants for “Campuses of Service”, not more than 30 annually. $10m for each fiscal years 2009 through 2013. For 2 or 4 year, public or private institution of higher education.
  • Service-Learning Impact study. 10 year longitudinal study on the impact of the activities carried out. Examining student academic achievement, student engagement, graduation rates, the degree to which the participants in the activities engaged in subsequent national service, volunteering, or other service activities. Allocation “such sums as may be necessary for each of fiscal years 2009 through 2013.”
  • Sec. 167. Establish the “Commission on Cross-Sector Solutions to America’s Problems.” 21 members. 9 appointed by the President, 3 by Senate majority leader, 3 by Senate minority leader, 3 by Speaker of the House, 3 by the House minority leader. No more than 11 from the same political party. “The Commission shall conduct a thorough study of all matters relating to was in which the Federal Government can work more efficiently and effectively with nonprofit organizations and philanthropic organizations… in achieving better outcomes.” “The Commission may accept, use, and dispose of gifts or donations of services or property.” Terminates after 6 years
  • Sec. 167A. “Community Solutions Fund grant program.” Make grants for periods of 5 years, and may renew for 5 years. Not less than $1m not more than $10m. For entities focused on improving measurable outcomes relating to: education for economically disadvantaged students in public schools, child and youth development, reductions in poverty or increases in economic opportunity for economically disadvantaged individuals, health including access to health care and education, resource conservation and local environmental quality, individual or community energy efficiency, civic engagement, reductions in crime. Funds must be matched not less than $1 to $1.
  • Sec. 167B. “Innovation Fellowship grants.” “To individuals to pay for the Federal share of carrying out projects in which the individuals establish innovative nonprofit organizations to address national and local challenges.” For periods of 2 years. Not more than $100k. Not more than 25 in a fiscal year.
  • To carry out section 167, such sums as necessary. Section 167A: $50m, $60m, $70m, $80m, $100m for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 respectively. For 167B: $3.5 for 2009, $5m each year after.
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Service Nation Presidential Forum notes

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Be the Change Inc YouTube channel

  • McCain says he doesn’t support mandatory service.
  • McCain says that if Target would have ran things during Katrina it would have gone better, there wouldn’t have been trucks of ice in Maine. If he really believes private organizations would do a better job than why would he advocate the federal government deal with natural disaster?
  • McCain claims the reason the military is having a hard time keeping member and gaining more is because it’s not big enough. What?
  • The guy from TIME is saying the US government should have mandatory service. McCain dodged the question asking if the US should have mandatory service for all and allow people to go into none military service.
  • McCain says he would sign the Kennedy / Hatch Serve America Bill. Said he “love”s Ted Kennedy.
  • We should send people to countries which don’t like us… but not money.
  • McCain’s hero Teddy Roosevelt.
  • Bring ‘all people are created equal’ to the world. Not necessarily military but in other ways. America is exception because of it.
  • Obama gets a standing ovation several times longer than McCain’s.
  • We believe in individual responsibility and ability… but also mutual responsibility.
  • How to get more people into service? Start early with kids in school.
  • He won’t have to pander to the union to get his national service plans through like Clinton did.
  • The government should encourage voluntarism.
  • Every student will get a $4k college credit by “giving back.”
  • Big government suppresses private charity/voluntarism is an “old argument.”
  • We have to have government. We have to have a FEMA that works. We need to encourage young people to serve so when they get older they are trained to work for those government programs.
  • Government should expand the avenues of service.
  • To keep more people in the military: restore peoples belief in service, inspiring people
  • Universities which keep off ROTC should let them on campus
  • Should provide full scholarships for math and science teachers and then make them go work in depressed communities.
  • One of the primary aspects of his presidency would be to increase avenues for service in the nation.
  • I want every young person to know that they won’t reach their potential unless they work with others.
  • American voluntarism is what makes America great.
  • Obama likes Teddy Roosevelt too.

All done. Check out the YouTube channel for the interviews.

Barack Obama and John McCain to participate in forum on service and civic engagement

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Be the Change, Inc.
Tim Zimmermann
(703) 850-0735

Additional Contacts:
Rubenstein Communications, Inc.
Germaine Febles
(212) 843-8031

Ali Zelenko 212.522.1502



* * *


* * *


August 21, 2008 [New York, NY] – Presidential candidates Barack Obama
and John McCain will discuss in depth their views on service and civic
engagement in the post-9/11 world during a primetime forum on the
evening of September 11 in New York City.

The Forum is being staged by ServiceNation, a dynamic new coalition of
110 organizations that has a collective reach of some 100 million
Americans and is dedicated to strengthening our democracy and solving
problems through civic engagement and service. It will be the opening
event of the bipartisan, Sept. 11-12, ServiceNation summit, which will
launch a one year grassroots campaign to expand voluntary community and
national service opportunities for all Americans; use proven service
strategies to tackle some of America’s most chronic social challenges;
and call on all Americans to make service a bedrock ideal in our

At the Forum, called “A Nation Of Service,” Senators McCain and Obama
will appear on stage separately to discuss their respective visions for
the role of service in America’s future. Richard Stengel, Managing
Editor of TIME, will moderate, and the event will be open to all
broadcast networks.

“I look forward to participating in the 9/11 service forum,” said
Senator Obama. “After September 11, Americans of every age, race, region
and walk of life were ready to step up and answer a new call of service
for their country. Making that call to service will be a central cause
of my presidency, because we need the active citizenship of the American
people to meet the challenges of the 21st century.”

“I am pleased to be participating in the ServiceNation Summit in New
York City. The Summit will be an important remembrance of those that
made the ultimate sacrifice serving their country and others as we focus
on how to inspire others to serve causes greater than their own
self-interest through national and community service,” said Senator

The Forum audience will include 9/11 family members, young Americans,
military veterans, and thought leaders, and questions can be submitted
by the general public at “The Presidential
Candidates’ Forum will serve as a call to action for the next
administration,” said Forum moderator and TIME managing editor Richard
Stengel. “I hope to have candid conversations with Senators McCain and
Obama about their plans for engaging more Americans in national

I’ve got media credentials now for the summit but I don’t know that I will be able to attend the forum as my confimation email said: “More detailed information, including a schedule of events open to the media and details on media availabilities will be provided shortly.” I’ve sent an email to the Director of Strategic Partnerships to be placed on the invitation waiting list to attend the actual summit. While it seems very unlikely I’ll get the invite I did include that I was a director of the Manhattan Libertarian Party to spice up the request. You can find the rest of the press report minus some quotes from affiliates after the jump.

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