Who’s on the ballot?

Posted on October 29th, 2008 by bile
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This year, 23 presidential candidates are on the ballot in at least one state. That is the highest in U.S. history except for 1992, when there were also 23. Generally there are more such candidates in periods of great public unhappiness.

Here is a list, with the predominant party label for each, and the percentage of the voters that will see their names on the ballot:

Barack Obama, Democratic, 100.0%
John McCain, Republican, 100.0%
Bob Barr, Libertarian, 94.5%
Ralph Nader, independent, 85.2%
Cynthia McKinney, Green, 70.5%
Chuck Baldwin, Constitution, 59.8%
Gloria La Riva, Socialism and Liberation, 26.8%
Roger Calero or his stand-in James Harris, Socialist Workers, 25.0%
Brian Moore, Socialist, 21.5%
Alan Keyes, America’s Independent Party, 18.1%
Charles Jay, Boston Tea, 10.0%
Gene Amondson, Prohibition, 9.6%
Thomas Robert Stevens, Objectivist, 8.0%
Richard Duncan, independent, 4.6%
John Joseph Polachek, New, 4.3%
Jeffrey Boss, Vote Here, 3.0%
Jeffrey Wamboldt, We the People, 2.5%
Ron Paul, Taxpayers/Constitution, 2.0%
Jonathan E. Allen, HeartQuake ‘08, 1.7%
Bradford Lyttle, U.S. Pacifist, 1.7%
Frank McEnulty, unaffiliated, 1.7%
Ted Weill, Reform, .9%
George Phillies, Libertarian, .6%

Poor George Phillies at the bottom. I would vote for him or Paul if available in New Jersey. Sadly they are not.

Socialist Workers Party not happy with Ron Paul’s 3rd party coalition

Posted on September 12th, 2008 by bile
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Participating in this event was a backward step for Nader and McKinney, the two presidential candidates to the left of the Democrats with any kind of support this year.

In fact, Barr snubbed the gathering, arguing at his own press conference a few hours later that he wasn’t “interested in third parties getting the most possible votes,” but in building his own candidacy.

That’s what Nader and McKinney should have done. In spite of surface similarities on a few issues, Ron Paul is no ally of the progressive agenda that these two candidates have stood for.

They should reject Paul’s endorsement and distance themselves from any other initiative that unites third-party presidential candidates, regardless of their politics. If they don’t, they will have lost any claim on the votes of people who want to register their discontent with the two parties of the status quo as part of building a left that can pursue an alternative agenda.

Yeah… as Third Party Watch indicated “The Socialist Workers Party’s candidate got 10,800 votes (0.01% of the total) in the 2004 presidential campaign.”

If you don’t build bridges you’ll be stuck on an island. If you believe your philosophy is correct you should have no problem working with others on particular issues to move toward that goal.

Virginia Hefferman of the NYT retracts Ron Paul smear blog

Posted on December 27th, 2007 by bile
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The other day I posted about how Virginia Heffernan over at the NY Times had posted an unresearched and already refuted attack on Ron Paul in regards to him being a racist. Seems Ms. Heffernan has seen the errors of her way (or at least overwhelm by the facts of the matter.) Lets hope she remembers this next time she considers posting such a blatant attack ad.


Editors’ Note: The post below, which appeared on The Medium on Monday, contained several errors. Stormfront, which describes itself as a “white nationalist” Internet community, did not give money to Ron Paul’s presidential campaign; according to Jesse Benton, a spokesman for Paul’s campaign, it was Don Black, the founder of Stormfront, who donated $500 to Paul. The post also repeated a string of assertions by Bill White, the commander of the American National Socialist Workers Party, including the allegation that Paul meets regularly “with members of the Stormfront set, American Renaissance, the Institute for Historic Review and others” at a restaurant in Arlington, Va. Paul never attended these dinners, according to Benton, who also says that Paul has never knowingly met Bill White. Norman Singleton, a congressional aide in Paul’s office, says that he met Bill White at a dinner gathering of conservatives several years ago, after which Singleton expressed his indignation at the views espoused by White to the organizer of the dinner. The post should not have been published with these unverified assertions and without any response from Paul.

Virginia Heffernan at the NYT joins in on the Ron Paul attack

Posted on December 24th, 2007 by bile
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Ron Paul, our Internet president, seems to have Nazi troubles, as in they’re saying he’s one of them.

Stormfront, a “white nationalist” Internet community, has given him money. And he can’t seem to stop meeting with self-described neo-Nazis, according to Bill White, the Commander of the American National Socialist Workers’ Party.

White’s allegation:

Both Congressman Paul and his aides regularly meet with members of the Stormfront set, American Renaissance, the Institute for Historic Review and others at the Tara Thai restaurant in Arlington, Va., usually on Wednesdays. This is part of a dinner that was originally organized by Pat Buchanan, Sam Francis and Joe Sobran, and has since been mostly taken over by the Council of Conservative Citizens.

Thing is it’s already been refuted. Justin Raimondo over at AntiWar.com has an entire article Ron Paul vs. the Dirty Tricksters which addresses this and more.

To begin with, who the heck is Bill White? Here’s what the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith has to say about him: “Along with his media savvy,” they aver, “White is known for spreading propaganda and lies about his perceived enemies.” Go here for his extensive criminal record. White started his career as a dingbat of renown with the founding of the Utopian Anarchist Party when he was just a lad. The UAP’s 15 minutes of fame occurred after the Columbine High School shootings, when White or one of his wacked-out confreres issued a statement praising the shooters.

Secondly, the man who organized the dinner meetings “Commander” White refers to, Peter Gemma, has this to say:

“I ran those dinners – Ron Paul was never there… If Bill White ever came to the meetings, he didn’t use his real name – he doesn’t even get the name of the restaurant correctly.”

Both the NYT blog post and the AntiWar.com post were released today but at what time for Justin’s is unknown. I’m not going to claim that Ms. Heffernan should have known this but the post Justin refers to is from the 21st. It’s sad to see all these attacks. They have been long refuted and with videos like this (which is what Ms. Heffernan links to) as an attack medium… it’s silly.

I’ve noticed the daily number of attack pieces has risen quite a bit since the Tea Party money bomb. I believe they are even more scared now. If Paul really was such a ‘crackpot’ and hadn’t a chance then why waste breath and web space on him? I don’t see this kind of hubbub about Gravel.