bile to be panelist on Todd Andrew Barnett’s Liberty Cap Talk Live tonight at 11pm EST

Posted on June 12th, 2009 by bile
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This is Liberty Cap Talk Live with Todd Andrew Barnett: The Special Edition Show. This is a special edition of LCTL, where Liberty Cap Talk Live’s free marketeer/libertarian talk radio show host Todd Andrew Barnett talks about cultural, social, and economic issues from a pro-freedom perspective. The show will feature roundtable guests and discussions of topics of mutual interests.

In the third episode, Todd and his panelists Dale Everett of, JailedActivist.Info creator Bile, and libertarian writer, activist, and freelance social media consultant Mariana Evica discuss Sam Dodson‘s release from the Cheshire County Department of Corrections, GM’s bankruptcy filing, H.R. 1207 a.k.a. Fed Audit Bill, etc. Todd and his panelists interview Sam Dodson, CEO of the Obscured Truth Network and occasional co-host of Free Talk Live who was jailed for nearly eight weeks after being arrested for videotaping in the Keene District Court in Keene, New Hampshire. They dig really deep into the living conditions of the jail, how Sam was treated by his jailers, etc.

I’ll post the cast here tomorrow but feel free to listen live.

Footage of Sam Dodson being picked up at Cheshire County D.O.C. after being imprisoned for 58 days

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Sam Dodson’s release mentioned on Freedom Watch

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Full show below

Sam Dodson on Free Talk Live after being released from jail 2009-06-09

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Free Minds TV interviews Sam Dodson just after his release from jail

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Journalist Sam Dodson who was arrested nearly two months ago for filming inside the Keene District Court lobby was released on from jail today and is in the studio for his first post jail interview.

Read about Sam’s story at

Sam Dodson released from jail

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He was just kicked out of the jail, with his orange jumpsuit on, without any real explanation, with all his possessions.

Porc411: msg0022.wav

Hello free staters! This is SamIam and the jail has just thrown me out. The forced me to agree to PR terms that I’m already in violation of, I told them I did not understand.  That I did not agree to them. I did not sign them. I requested my attorney who’s going to be here in 10 minutes. And they pushed me out the door, in the orange close. I guess I get to keep them. And gave me all my stuff. I was escorted out. They would not explain anything or put anything in writing. They were told just to release me and so I’m out of jail. Thank you guys for everybody who’s helped me, sent letters, cards, emails, done all the things you had to do to support me along the way and  I’m looking forward to getting back to life and challenging a lot of this in court. Thank you, glad to be out, looking forward to talking all soon. Goodbye.

Find the full story at