RNC 2008 Documentary: Unwritten Future

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Part 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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There is obviously some leftist, anti-capitalism stuff and violence by some of the protesters which obviously can not be supported but the police state stuff is important.

Ron Paul on the Colbert Report

Posted on September 5th, 2008 by bile
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He was really relaxed and played along. Pretty good showing.

Seconds after McCain recites second sentence of Declaration of Independence Code Pink protester is hauled out of convention

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At least I’m assuming it was Code Pink given the bright pink dress she was wearing. The crowd started yelling “U, S, A” to drown out the protesters. McCain then said something about not letting people get worked up over ground static or something to that affect.

Funny that he claims we all have inalienable rights. McCain/Feingold? Supporting wiretapping? Supporting unconstitutional, aggressive wars? Supporting ignoring of habeas corpus? Supporting Lincoln? Attacking Democrats for being “me first, country second?”

He has a funny definition of ‘inalienable’ and ‘rights.’

CNN choice of photo for their front page this morning is interesting

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Must not have had any other clear photos of her.

I commented to xyz last night that when they were saying the Pledge of Allegiance or maybe it was the national anthem that someone would have made the big LED panel display these:

H/T to xyz for the heads up on the pic.

Rather positive report on the Rally for the Republic from Russia Today

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RNC Results

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When asking the delegation for nominations for president, after McCain was included the person presiding asked for any more names, Ron Paul was clearly yelled several times and was ignored without any recognition.

The following states did not give all their votes to John McCain:

  • Alaska: 24 McCain, 5 Ron Paul
  • Idaho: 26 McCain, 6 ?
  • Maine: 20 McCain, 1 ?
  • Minnesota: 35 McCain, 6 ?
  • Oregon: 26 McCain, 4 Ron Paul
  • Utah: 2 Romney, 34 McCain
  • Washington: 36 McCain, 4 “Dr. Paul”
  • West Virginia: 2 Ron Paul, 30 McCain

There may have been more states but this is all I noticed.

Sadly, states like Nevada and Montana where Paul received more votes than McCain, all their delegate votes went to McCain due to party loyalists taking over state conventions. It’s also sad that some states did not give Paul, Huckabee or Romney the votes they had actually received.

When Ron Paul received votes the announcer did not repeat his name nor vote count. Just McCain’s. However, for Utah she repeated Romney’s 2 votes. For Washington, the other announcer cut off the one repeating the vote so that Paul’s name could not be said. When repeating West Virginia’s results she caught herself about to repeat Paul’s 2 votes and quickly stopped, going on to repeat McCain’s only. I guess they think if they ignore him, not say his name 3 times… he won’t show up / go away. I think they’re mistaken.

They reported Romney got 2 votes and Paul 5. That’s obviously not correct. He was explicitly given 15 votes.

Arizona delegates made mention of Barry Goldwater being another great politician from Arizona. As did a few randomly interviewed people after the convention. Funny… John McCain, at least on domestic issues, is practically the antithesis of Barry Goldwater. Barry Goldwater Jr. had endorsed Ron Paul and was at the Rally for the Republic continuing his support just yesterday.