Waylon Lewis of ElephantJournal.com advocates aggressive rather then peaceful solutions to social problems

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For years, John Mackey, the libertarian founder of Whole Foods (who I’ve met and talked with a few times) has–luckily for Whole Foods’s PR squad–kept his right-of-the-right views more or less under the radar.

Then, a week or so back, he posted a slam of universal healthcare coverage in the Wall Street Journal (a venerable paper that’s right-of-center-in-a-mostly-good-way, as opposed to the shrill Fox or leftist MSNBC, both of which treat politics like sports instead of stuff that actually matters).

But I, for one, am not going to boycott Whole Foods. I’m not throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Why?

  1. Whole Foods is a vast organization, with thousands of staff, many if not most of whom disagree with John’s idealistic, superior Libertarian views. We live in a democracy, with a lowercase “D.” We don’t have to hate those we disagree with–we just have to beat them at the polls, and in the halls of Congress.
  2. John doesn’t own Whole Foods. It’s public.
  3. Whole Foods, thanks to his leadership, has shown the way for thousands of green-minded companies. He and WFM have shown Wall Street that green can make green. For that, I am grateful–there is a reservoir of gratitude that will not be easily overcome by his anti-union views, by Whole Foods never having supported elephant over seven years even as I see them advertise in countless less-than-green publications and forums.

Now, suddenly, everyone and their mother has called for a boycott of Mr. Mackey’s Whole Foods. There’s a Facebook group with thousands of members. There’s been so much negative traffic and “I will boycott Whole Foods” messages on Twitter, Whole Foods hasn’t even tried to put out the fires as they have with past controversies (such as his taken-out-of-context comment, only last week, that Whole Foods “sells lots of junk”; or his infamous commenting on his own blog and anonymous tirades against Wild Oats, which he was trying to buy out, and later did). There’s been so many complaints from Whole Foods largely green-minded customers–the very ones who’ve made John rich (one of his homes is in Boulder, just two blocks from where I write this)–that yesterday they temporarily shut down the comments forum page on Whole Foods (not very democratic of ‘em, hey?)

1. The United States is not a democracy. It’s a constitutional democratic republic. Some may call it nitpicking but they are quite different political philosophies.

2. By advocating “beat[ing] them at the polls” rather then through a voluntary boycott Mr. Lewis is advocating aggression against those who disagree with him. Such an actions are destructive to society.

3. The readers of the Huffington Post are in great need of an economics lesson.

4. It’s funny that they demonize Mackey for his hardly radical position on healthcare yet seem to ignore the areas where he is also outspoken which they would likely agree with him on.

5. They are attacking a company which by many reports has one of the best health {care,insurance} plans around.

Border Patrol confronted : Part 2

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We did our job…now please help and spread this video.

The [u]nited States is a Republic and only democracy loving fools allow their rights to be violated by government.

This video is NOT anti-cop…it’s pro-peace officer.

One of the Border Patrol agents actually said on camera the checkpoint is a joke.

This is NOT about the border, mexicans, illegals or terrorist but more about control.

Meanwhile the actual boder is left wide open and this checkpoint which is known by everyone is somehow going to stop the flow of whatever?? LMAO

Furthermore, how easy would it be for a Cartel to pay off one of these douche bags. Not hard at all.

On memorial day I and the rest of The Phoenix Revolution took a road trip to honor the people that have supposebly died so we would NOT have to go throught checkpoints.

They claimed that SS officers in Nazi Germany were just doing there job as well when they gased and murdered innocent people.

If their job is to violate your God given and Constitutional rights then that is a job they should NOT be doing….Furthermore they cannot plead ignorance. These gestapo are grown adults not children.

Here is the video of our friend and hero Pastor Steve Anderson who was beat and tazed by DPS and Border Patrol for standing up against treasonous NAZI checkpoints.


Do something and pass this video along to others..This is part 2 of 3.

NEWSFLASH the border is 60 miles south and we were on a highway that runs east-west?

Why don’t they do their job at the actual border instead of unconstitutionaly harrasing, assaulting and tazing thousands of Americans on a daily basis.

Special thanks to Renaa, Chuck G, and High Tower (FireZues).

Thank you to all my viewers and donations without it this is not possible!


One who breaks an unjust law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for law.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Part 1 here.

Steve Anderson sure is confrontational… but I can’t be too critical as what those State employees are doing is totally out of line.

And by the way… there is no such thing as an “illegal.”

Anarchy In Your Head: Crashing the Crashers

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Bureaucrash has been a bold voice for liberty for years, steadily growing in popularity, but it’s taken on a not-so-bold new direction toward partisan politics as usual. Lee Doren was chosen as the new Crasher in Chief by the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

It seems to me that Lee might best be described as a moderate Republican. That’s arguably not the worst thing a person can be, certainly, but his personal principles seem not at all in line with the stated goals of Bureaucrash. Lee’s referred to certain blogs as conservative (slash) libertarian, as if these are interchangeable terms, and some new entries on the B.C. blogroll since he arrived include Michelle Malkin’s and Rush Limbaugh’s. He also demonstrates a failure to grasp the fallacies of collectivism. In short, his failure to even understand the principles of liberty himself means that he will inevitably use the powerful voice of Bureaucrash to distort the meaning for thousands of others.

If you are disturbed by this new direction of the organization, I encourage you to join a new group on the Bureacrash Social website called Countering the Crasher-in-Chief. In the span of just a few days, it’s accumulated over 80 members.

Sadly, the organization is not likely to simply fade away. Instead, by embracing the mainstream, it will probably grow, but it will have lost the edge that made it a special place for principled lovers of liberty. For now, it has chosen a quantity over quality approach when it comes to members, which I feel is very short-sighted, but then that depends on the goals of the owners. If their only goal is to grow membership, then perhaps they have chosen well. I just hope they have more meaningful goals than that.

If this new direction is not quickly changed, Bureaucrash will lose quite a few supporters, including Ian Freeman, host of Free Talk Live, and myself. I do not want Mr. Doren wielding the voice of Bureaucrash to distort the already diluted meaning of the word “libertarian”. If this mistake isn’t nipped in the bud, it is my opinion that Bureaucrash goes far beyond becoming unworthy of your support. They become an enemy.

Transcript of Xaq Fixx’s interview with Lee Doren, new Crasher-in-Chief

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Note: the below was created from OCRing screencaps of a Flash based chatroom. Excuse the mistakes.

Xaq Fixx 3:39 pm
Alright… Question 1:
Political Identified Profile field, when will it return

Lee Doren
As soon as I get confirmation to add it back—it was my intention to add at asap Friday, but then it was unclear what my authority was to do so
The only reason why it was removed was so I could add something else asap
Like an open-ended political affiliation

Read More…

Ron Paul speaks of secession

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Gag me with a spoon: please make the idol worship stop

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Hail the Eternal Regime!

Posted by Bill Anderson at January 16, 2009 07:15 AM

Peggy Noonan, one of the dinner guests of George Will the other night, has decided that gushing over Obama is not enough. No, she must gush over the entire regime and its symbols.

Today, she writes of seeing these monuments and other Greek temples in Washington and gets teary-eyed:

Flying in, we take the route over the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson, the Tidal Basin: the signs and symbols of the great republic. And you’ve seen it all a thousand times but you can’t stop looking, and you can’t help it, your eyes well. After a minute you realize you must have a moony look on your face, and you lean back.

Yes, the Regime that has bankrupted the county, jailed millions, started wars abroad, and violated every principle of decency, must be worshiped. It is our god, our very sustenance.

I will be so very happy when this Obama and State worship stops and reality sucker punches people in the face. Between this and the Keynesian love fests I hear on CNN daily (it was particularly bad this morning) I’m starting to become physically ill.

Hopefully it slows up after the 20th.