Robert Powell resigns due to Ryan Moats incident

Posted on April 1st, 2009 by bile
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Police officer Robert Powell, who detained Houston Texans running back Ryan Moats instead of allowing him inside a hospital where his mother-in-law was dying resigned Wednesday.

Officer Robert Powell had been placed on paid leave pending an investigation of the March 18 incident.

“I made this decision in the hope that my resignation will allow the Dallas Police Department, my fellow officers and the citizens of Dallas to better reflect on this experience, learn from the mistakes made, and move forward,” Powell said in a statement issued through his attorneys.

He had stopped Houston Texans running back Ryan Moats’ SUV outside Baylor Regional Medical Center in suburban Plano after the vehicle rolled through a red light.

The officer pulled out his gun and threatened Moats with jail as the player and his family pleaded to be allowed to go inside the hospital. Powell continued writing Moats a ticket and lecturing him even after a fellow officer confirmed that Moats’ mother-in-law was dying.

Jonetta Collinsworth, 45, died of breast cancer before Powell allowed Moats to go inside the hospital.

Powell’s resignation was first reported by Dallas-Fort Worth television station KTVT. He later issued an apology, and Moats said he would accept it.

“I still hope to speak with the Moats family to personally express my deep regret, sympathy, and to apologize for my poor judgment and unprofessional conduct,” he said in the Wednesday statement.

He also said he wanted to apologize to his fellow officers.

A call to Dallas police was not immediately returned Wednesday.

Good. The camera, media and the internet are our most powerful tools. The more these events get recorded and distributed the easier liberty activists lives will be.

OTN covers Ryan Moats being kept by Dallas and Plano police

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SamIam sends letter to Plano, Texas mayor and police chief concerning recent trespassing by unknown officer

Posted on December 13th, 2008 by bile
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Sam forwarded me this early this morning:

Dear Chief Greg Rushin,

As you probably know, recently I observed one of your officers criminally trespassing on my property while wearing a pistol on his hip. I called and asked for 2 police officers from your department to come out and witness me swear a criminal complaint against the unknown fellow officer. To my surprise, your supervisors refused to uphold their duty instead, choosing to shield this public official from prosecution. Now, I’m afraid I have to file criminal charges against these men too.

I called last week to get the unknown officer’s name and a Sargent Perrow asked why I wanted this information. Now unfortunately when he did that, he broke the law and became a criminal. I’m going to have to file criminal charges against him too, as the recording speaks for itself. I talked with judicial activist Randy Kelton about this legal mess your city has created.

Greg, seeing as how 3 of your supervisors are involved in shielding this man from prosecution, Randy reckoned you might be conspiring behind the scenes, since these men work for you and all. However, he didn’t get to hang out with you, councilman Dunlap, and me in your office on the Plano Police Propaganda Day this past summer.

That was Really, Really Cool!

I assured him that you would never do anything like that, and he was simply mistaken. These officers must be acting alone without your knowledge. I told him all it would take is a friendly email with the officer’s picture, for you to quickly demonstrate otherwise by finding out this officers name and badge number for me. Mr. Perrow has the car number, license plate number, date, and time of the incident. Here’s his picture:

That’s him on the left talking to the man code enforcement identified as David Sparrow. Mayor Evans, you should be proud of code enforcement, despite Mr. Sparrow apparently filing a false police report, his department perfectly handed my information request without breaking the law as the Police department choose to do. He’s going to be a shining example of in the new video series I’m putting together to show people how to file criminal charges against public officials directly with the grand jury even when the police, prosecutors, or district judges refuse to stand down.

It’s  going to be very educational; I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. If you like, I’m happy to license it free of charge to PISD to play in government class. As always, I sure hope y’all do the right thing, seeing as how every complaint I add to the stack makes an indictment all the more likely.

Warmest Regards,


I would have done without the sarcasm and kept it more professional and too the point. While they are often aggressive are I don’t see much benefit in the tone taken but either way I give Sam major props for going through all this crap down in Texas. He’s really giving them hell and we can all appreciate that. Should be interesting to see where he goes with this current scheme. Especially since he’s supposed to be moving to New Hampshire in the next month or two as part of the Free State Project.