For Liberty: Who and Why people have moved to New Hampshire as Free State Project participants

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James Andrew Carroll, marijuana activist, released from jail

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Mike Barskey reports that he has been freed and that over 40 people were present to welcome him as he came out of the Westmoreland, NH Cheshire County D.O.C.

Learn about the entirety of Andrew’s situtation at

James Andrew Carroll now imprisoned at Cheshire County Jail

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According to Mike Barskey in a Porc 411 Andrew Carroll is now being held at the Cheshire County Jail in Westmoreland, New Hampshire as of about 5PM.

More than 15 people walked with Andrew from Keene, NH to the jail starting at about 10:30am. They arrived to the jail at approximately 3:45PM and walked around the jail to interact with the prisoners through the windows. At 4PM Andrew entered the jail and refused him at first requiring them to wait about an hour when they then took him for booking.

With a fine of $420 and $50 credit per day held, Andrew is expected to be released in 9 days which would be Thursday June 11th, 2009.

Keep up to date on Andrew’s situation here, and

Free State Project member Mike Barskey has charges dropped, Andrew Carroll found guilty

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Ian Freeman reports that Andrew Carroll was fined $350 + 20% = $420 and given the weekend to think about his discission to not pay the fine or do community service.

Dave Ridley arrested for disorderly conduct for refusing to stop filming in Keene District Court

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msg0092, msg0093

Andrew Carroll and Mike Barskey both plead not guilty at their respective arraignments. Both court dates are May 1st.

The videos were taken live using’s technology.

The Ridley Report’s Qik acount is at:


msg0094 : Dave Ridley has been released.

Mike Barskey posted bail, released from jail

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You can find a full description of why Mike posted bail in the 2009-02-04 episode of Free Talk Live. You can find Mike at the end of the show or download this clipped version.