Got this from the John McCain 2008 campaign today:

Attention New Jersey Republicans,

The New Jersey Primary is Tuesday, June 3rd. In order to support John McCain, you must vote for the McCain Delegates and Alternates that represent both New Jersey Statewide and your Congressional District.

Statewide, the following Delegates and Alternates support John McCain:

Bill Baroni
Francisco Dominguez
Lawrence E. Bathgate
Alan Herman
Alex DeCroce
Ann Kievit
Judy Eisenberg
Amanda E. Layton
Joanne Gilmore
Joseph Leo
Cheryl Halpern
Robert A. Ortiz, Jr.
Munr Kazmir
Lynda Pagliughi
Tom Kean, Jr.
Rita Shade
Thomas H. Kean, Sr.
Doug Steinhart
Joseph R. Schmuckler
Stephanie Zarych

Also, please vote for the following delegates and alternates in your Congressional District. If you do not know which is your district, you may find it here:



Richard A. DeMichele, Jr.
Jeffrey Booker
Richard Mroz
Wayne Brehm
Loren Oglesby
Terry Kasko


James Curcio
John M. Bettis
Keith Davis
Florence A. Butler
Michael J. Donohue
Patrick Finley


Thomas F. Kelaher
Lisa Bialoskurski
Barbara Lanuto
Ann Marie Emmons
Richard C. Strobel
Aubrey Fenton


Sean Kean
Claire French
Ruthanne Scaturro
Susan Rogers
Marie Smith
T. Robin Visconi


Arthur W. Conway
Rosemarie Adamiak-Russo
James A. Courter
Matthew Kazmierczak
Alison Littell McHose
Eleanore S. Nissley


John O. Bennett
Jennifer Beck
Carol Ann Haney
Robert A. Brown
Joseph Kyrillos
Adam Puharic


Kathi Fiamingo
Mike Ferguson
Henry Y. Kuhl
Maureen Ferguson
Joseph J. Plumeri
Patricia Kelly Hatfield


Kevin J. O’Toole
Lawrence “Pat” Kramer
Michael Rubin
Mark Meyerowitz
Linda Zisa
Marie Vicchiariello


Benjamin Chouake, MD
Judith W. Fisher
Kathleen A. Donovan
Russell P. Trocano
Ryan J. Peene
Patricia Zisa


Harold Edwards
Leslie Ellis
Mary Devon O’Brien
Herb Glenn
Hadren Simmons
Christopher Smith


Rodney P. Frelinghuysen
Debra Eckert-Casha
John J. Murphy
Phyllis J. Florek
Joseph Pennachio
Edward V. Rochford


Diane Gooch
Nicole Motta Eventoff
Samuel D. Thompson
James A. Maggs
Dick Zimmer
Bill Spadea


Irene Kim Asbury
Michael S. Glassner
Alberto Rodriguez
Beth Hamburger
Joe Tarulla
Reyes Ortega

Please print out the names, and bring with you tomorrow so you know which McCain Delegates to vote for!

Thank you,

Team New Jersey
John McCain 2008
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I’d recommend not wasting paper printing this out and just remembering to vote for the delegates under the Constitutional Republicans Protecting the Liberty Platform banner.