Liberty on Tour confronted by Edgewater, NJ police officers

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Liberty on Tour’s 2010-08-04 Julian Heicklen arrest video

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Julian Heicklen’s 2010-08-04 Progress Report

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Hi Tyranny Fighters:

1. FIJA demonstration of 8–4-10

I arrived at the U. S. District Courthouse in Manhattan at 11:30 am. It was a warm and sunny day. At the outskirts of federal property I met Adam Mueller and Peter Eyre from Liberty on Tour. Also there were bile and Darren Wolfe. All four were there to videotape the proceedings.

After some preliminary discussion we moved to the courtyard of the District Courthouse at 11:45 am. I distributed the American Jury Institute pamphlet “True or False: Factual Information about Jury Service” along with my flyer. Peter Eyre (correction: Adam Mueller) also distributed some of these. Officers Sargent Sullivan and another Federal Service Marshall were there when we arrived. Altogether we distributed about 35 pamphlets.

At 12:06 pm, there were 3 police officers present. At 12:15 pm Sargeant Sullivan and officer Valentin approached me and asked me to move off federal property. I refused. Each of them grabbed one of my arms and took my Jury Info sign and remaining pamphlets. I was not placed under arrest nor given a citation. It was an undisguised assault and robbery. I fell to the ground. I lay still, did not move a muscle, nor utter a sound. None of the other of my four accomplices were forced off the property, and none were given citations. One police officer encouraged Darren to start rolling his camera when the action was about to start.

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Julian Heicklen’s 2010-07-31 Progress Report

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FIJA REPORTS 7/27–30/2010

1. FIJA Demonstration of 7/27/10 in Trenton, NJ

It was very hot and sunny day.  I appeared at the U. S. District Courthouse in Trenton, NJ at 11:43 am.  It was so hot that at 12:25, I moved under a tree to distribute the literature.

Two Federal Protective Service police cars and three officers were waiting for my arrival.  One looked at his watch and said that I was early.  He then approached me and said that I could pass out literature as long as I did not block the doorways.  I assured him that I would not.

I started to pass out the American Jury Institute pamphlet entitled “ A Primer  for Prospective Jurors” along with my flyer.  A second police officer approached me and asked for a pamphlet for his report.  I complied.  Soon thereafter the third officer approached me and asked for a pamphlet, which I gave him.

I was not bothered by the police for the rest of my visit, though they and the two police cars remained and were still there when I left at 1:05 pm.  This reception was very much more hospitable than at our previous demonstration at the Trenton courthouse.

There was not much pedestrian traffic, but I passed out about 35 pamphlets.  I encountered interest by a large portion of the people that did pass by.  I also met and discussed legal matters with another pro se litigant who has had similar encounters to mine with the police and the courts.

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Footage from the mass arrest in Keene, NH

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[qik cfa111f1c4174fadb2eb5f7108166599]

Ian Freeman’s Qik

The events according to Adam Mueller of and

Johnny Ray was ticketed and Heika Courser arrested for drinking a beer in a public space. Afterwards Wes Gilreath, Ian Freeman, Smeg Mclain and Rich Paul were arrested for peacefully standing in front of the police car. At the police station Dave Dixon and Johnny Ray (again) were ticketed for drinking beer in the building.

From Coconut

Pete and Adam of Liberty On Tour charged with relatively serious crimes

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Quoted from Jason Talley’s Facebook account.

Adam is charged with resisting arrest & wiretapping.

Pete has five charges including vin removal, possession of a gun without a fid card, wiretapping (felony) and two unknown charges.

Adam and Pete were arrested after going to Greenfield, Massachusetts in order to bail out activist Rich Paul and two others who were arrested earlier after supposedly being found with marijuana and a gun after being stopped driving through the state.