Lee Doren of BureauCrash debates Charles Johnson of C4SS on “left” and “right” libertarianism on Free Talk Live

Posted on March 23rd, 2010 by bile
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Vote for the post Bureaucrash website name

Posted on June 10th, 2009 by bile
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Vote on New Site Name

A couple of days ago we solicited names from you and other freedom fighters to potentially use on the new post-Bureaucrash website. And you responded. As you can tell from the comments section there, where name suggestions were left, we received a lot of submissions. We took some time to narrow down that list, removing those that were explicitly anarchist — as we want the site to be welcoming to non-anarchists — and those for which the domains were already held by others.

Also, you’ll see that you’re able to not just choose your favorite name or your top three names but indicate whether you like or dislike each name. That’s because we’re using approval voting, which will allow us a community to decide upon the best name together.

So, please let us know our thoughts on the new sites name and feel free to pass this post to those in your sphere. Note that this poll will close at noon EST this Friday, June 12th.


Anarchy In Your Head: Crashing the Crashers part 3

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Anarchy In Your Head: Crashing the Crashers Part 2

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The Competitive Enterprise Institute has selected a moderate Republican, Lee Doren, as the new Crasher-in-Chief of Bureaucrash. The ongoing miniseries about the new direction of Bureaucrash in a not so bureaucracy-crashing direction continues. Sorry for the delay. My life is going in a good direction but is in a transition phase right now that makes things very hectic.

Stay tuned for the third, and probably final episode in this series! Bring personal lubricant for your own safety.

Xaq Fixx: My statement to Crashers & CEI

Posted on June 5th, 2009 by bile
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Hello Crashers,

I have had the pleasure of working with many of you during our time with Bureaucrash, and some of us have only recently discovered each other. Regardless of whether we are new friends or old allies, I thank you all for your commitment to liberty.

As you all know since the beginning of Bureaucrash the position of Crasher-in-Chief has always been held by very principled libertarians. All were welcomed to be members of the Bureaucrash community so long as they shared the desire to decrease the roll of the state in our lives. Passionate freedom fighters Ryan Oprea, Jason Talley, and Pete Eyre have guided the organization as members and not as top down masters by encouraging people to find their own path to liberty and offering assistance along the way. I had hoped to continue in this tradition if I was passed the sledgehammer. Jason and Pete were some of my earliest supporters, and I thank them for that. There were several other applicants for the crasher-in-chief (CiC) position that I would have gladly worked alongside as they followed the trails blazed by their CiC forerunners.

CEI has decided that tradition has no virtue, and crasher quantity is far more important than crasher quality. Over the past several years they have attempted to exert more control over BC, stifling several pro-liberty projects, hamstringing others, discouraging some issues and encouraging others that fit their narrow vision of liberty that coincides with the interests of their donors. Jason and Pete proved difficult to control, and I would be no better so they hired an outsider with no knowledge of our community. They chose someone that they wouldn’t have to fight with or attempt to mold. I cannot blame them for their hiring decision, because to them it makes sense. Bureaucrash became their brand several years ago and they can do with it what they wish.

Lee Doren to some extent is as much a victim as any of us. He was hired to turn Bureaucrash into a youth outreach organization by a conservatarian think tank. Having no prior knowledge of Bureaucrash tt was not unreasonable for him to expect a crowd that shared similar views. He was also not given help for feedback from CEI after being hired; he was given a site and a password and told to make it work. His views may not be in line with ours, but they are what his superiors were looking for. We could perhaps fault him for taking a job with an organization where he strongly disagrees with the majority of active members, or at least being woefully uninformed about the goals of views of that group but, most likely, he was brought in to reform those things anyway. He is just doing his job, and as this is a voluntary organization we should remember that every government employee is more deserving of scorn and ridicule than he.

Because of CEI’s clear disdain for Bureaucrash’s traditions, and complete lack of respect for all of us, the Crashers, I feel it is time to turn our backs on the Bureaucrash brand. I will no longer be hosting the Podcrash, and will be returning all the equipment to CEI. If they are to offer me the position of Crasher-in-Chief, I cannot in good conscious accept it knowing what they want to turn BC into. I cannot continue to contribute my time, labor, and money to what is becoming a front group for an organization that is aligning itself with the authoritarian right instead of those that love liberty the most.

I would be honored if you would join me in finding somewhere else to unite against the ever growing state. I have created a facebook group, ABC (After Bureaucrash) Action (http://www.facebook.com/groups/create.php?success=1&customize&gid=93954493864#/group.php?gid=93954493864) to share some alternatives, and discuss what you want out of them.

Yours in Liberty,

Xaq Fixx

Anarchy In Your Head: Crashing the Crashers

Posted on June 4th, 2009 by bile
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Bureaucrash has been a bold voice for liberty for years, steadily growing in popularity, but it’s taken on a not-so-bold new direction toward partisan politics as usual. Lee Doren was chosen as the new Crasher in Chief by the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

It seems to me that Lee might best be described as a moderate Republican. That’s arguably not the worst thing a person can be, certainly, but his personal principles seem not at all in line with the stated goals of Bureaucrash. Lee’s referred to certain blogs as conservative (slash) libertarian, as if these are interchangeable terms, and some new entries on the B.C. blogroll since he arrived include Michelle Malkin’s and Rush Limbaugh’s. He also demonstrates a failure to grasp the fallacies of collectivism. In short, his failure to even understand the principles of liberty himself means that he will inevitably use the powerful voice of Bureaucrash to distort the meaning for thousands of others.

If you are disturbed by this new direction of the organization, I encourage you to join a new group on the Bureacrash Social website called Countering the Crasher-in-Chief. In the span of just a few days, it’s accumulated over 80 members.

Sadly, the organization is not likely to simply fade away. Instead, by embracing the mainstream, it will probably grow, but it will have lost the edge that made it a special place for principled lovers of liberty. For now, it has chosen a quantity over quality approach when it comes to members, which I feel is very short-sighted, but then that depends on the goals of the owners. If their only goal is to grow membership, then perhaps they have chosen well. I just hope they have more meaningful goals than that.

If this new direction is not quickly changed, Bureaucrash will lose quite a few supporters, including Ian Freeman, host of Free Talk Live, and myself. I do not want Mr. Doren wielding the voice of Bureaucrash to distort the already diluted meaning of the word “libertarian”. If this mistake isn’t nipped in the bud, it is my opinion that Bureaucrash goes far beyond becoming unworthy of your support. They become an enemy.