Julian Heicklen arrested while performing jury nullification outreach: 2010-08-04

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Sorry the footage is sideways. I was holding my cell vertical so as to hold it better in my left hand while recording with a camcorder in my right. You can see two short videos at http://qik.com/bile/videos from before the one below. Adam and Pete of Liberty on Tour were also there along with Darren Wolfe. All of us had at least one camera. There is lots of footage of this.

[qik 401207213c3d4dbcb97ead879c486911]

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Julian Heicklen’s 2010-07-26 Progress Report

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1. Purpose of this memo

Here are my thoughts on the state of the nation and possible future plans for our movement. I am requesting your input on these ideas. Please let me know your thoughts.

2. Government failure

We have a huge prison population, huge debt, huge unemployment, unsuccessful lengthy wars, and bad foreign policy.

We are the number one prison state in the world. With less than 5% of the world’s population, we have 25% of the world’s prisoners. We are filling our prisons with people who own plants, vegetables, and flowers. Our prisons are hellholes.

We are in an economic collapse. The government gave over $1 trillion to the people responsible for the collapse. The government continues to pass legislation that cannot be financed. Our national debt is $13 trillion (about 90% of GDP and growing). The unemployment rate is at 9%.

Our government failed to cope with the environmental disasters caused by hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico oil spill by British Petroleum.

We are engaged in two lengthy and costly wars. We are sending our young adults to Iraq and Afghanistan to be killed, thus saving Osama Bin Laden the inconvenience of having to come to the U. S. for the killing. Our troops are demoralized because we are not supporting them sufficiently. In Iraq there have been more military deaths from suicide than from military action.

Our foreign policy is insane. We are catering to our enemies (Iran in particular) and alienating our allies. Israel is our staunchest and most reliable ally.

It is the frontline defense against Islamic expansion into Europe. However the Obama administration is going out of its way to alienate the Israelis. Turkey is a member of NATO and was the only Islamic country on good terms with Israel. It has now turned away from us and is siding with the other Islamic countries against us. It was responsible for the attempt to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza. North Korea and Iran snub their noses at us.

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Julian Heicklen’s 2010-07-21 Progress Report

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Hi Tyranny Fighters:

1. Arraignment of July 20, 2010

On July 20, 2010, I appeared at Room 520, U. S. District Courthouse, 500 Pearl Street, New York, NY 10007, as instructed on the notices from the Central Violations Bureau.  A few others were also awaiting arraignments.  I was either the 3rd or 4th person to have his summons papers copied by the clerks.  Others continued to appear continually throughout the morning.  In spite of the fact that I was an early arrival, I was the last person called for a meeting with the federal attorney.  I was called at at 12:00 noon, the last person to be called.  I was taken to a small room to meet with Homeland Security Officer Barnes, the arresting officer, and Santosh Aravind, an Assistant U. S. Attorney for mediation.

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Julian Heicklen’s 2010-07-12 Progress Report

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Court action

I still have not been able to recover all of my property from the arrest of May 25, 2010 when I was imprisoned in Riker’s Island prison. I have sent requests to judges of both the Criminal Court of Manhattan and the District Magistrate Office of the the U. S. District Court of the Southern District of
New York to issue orders to their respective property control offices to release my property. The Criminal court of Manhattan has informed me that the $210.00 and psychiatric report are available for me to claim at my convenience in the Clerk of Court’s office.

I have a hearing on July 20, 2010, in front of a magistrate in the U. S. District Court S. D. N. Y. to plead in the case involving the arrest by federal marshals for failing to pay previous fines. I have submitted a brief pointing out that the citations are for unconstitutional arrests and supported the claim with three U. S. Supreme Court decisions. Hopefully, but not likely, the magistrate will dismiss the complaints at this time.

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Julian Heicklen: FIJA Demonstrations of June 21–25, 2010

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FIJA REPORTS 6/24–6/28

FIJA Demonstration in Albany, NY, of June 21, 2010
I arrived at the U. S. District Courthouse at 445 Broadway in Albany, NY at 11:40 am on Monday, June 21, 2010. It was a hot and sunny day. The area was very run down and quiet. After about 10 minutes I wondered why I was wasting my time here, since there were almost no passersby. However at 12:00 noon the action picked up. The noontime crowd came onto the streets. Also at noon, a local FIJA activist arrived. He did not participate, but remained the full time to be a witness.

At 12:05 pm 3 guards from Wackenhut Security exited the building and started asking me questions, which I refused to answer. Instead I asked them to identify themselves, which they did not do. Moments later a police car arrived with a city policeman and two federal Protection Services police from Homeland Security. Then what appeared to be three federal marshals appeared. Ms. Profety, #273, from the Federal Protection Service asked more questions and informed me that I could not pass out literature in front of a federal courthouse. I demurred and continued to pass out the American Jury Institute pamphlet entitled “A Primer for Prospective Jurors” along with my insert which reads:







Finally another Federal Protective Service officer informed me that I was on federal property and was forbidden to distribute literature. I responded that I knew that I was on federal property, that I was the owner of this property, and that he was working for me.

My last comment seemed to befuddle the officers. They mulled it over for awhile deciding what to do. Finally they all left, except for one officer who stood by the entrance about 5 feet behind me to observe events until I left. He never approached me.

I continued to distribute about 40 pamphlets until 1:05 pm when the FIJA activist and I left. I did not even receive a citation.

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Julian Heicklen recalls his May 25th, 2010 arrest and stay at Riker’s Island

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FIJA Demonstration of 5/25/10

I arrived at the U. S. District Court at 500 Pearl Street in Manhattan, NY at 11:40 am on Tuesday, May 25, 2010. It was a warm and sunny day. Immediately a Homeland Security officer approached me and told me to leave. He was joined by officer Valenti, who told the first officer that I would be arrested. I continued to pass out the American Jury Institute pamphlet entitled “A Primer for Prospective Jurors” along with my handout which reads:

The judge will instruct the jury that it must uphold the law as he gives it.
He will be lying.
The jury must judge the law as well as the facts.
Juries were instituted to protect the citizens from the tyranny of their government.
It is not the duty of the jury to uphold the law.
The jury’s duty is to see that justice is done.

At 12:00 noon Officer Barnes and a sergeant approached. Officer Barnes asked me to put down my sign, so that I would not hit him on the head with it. I declined saying that: “I am not going to hit you. It is not my style.” Officer Barnes stood 5 feet in front of me and glowered. The sergeant stood 5 feet behind me.

I passed out literature, and Barnes kept staring at me. I said to Barnes, “Nice day isn’t it.” He replied “Don’t try to be friendly with me. I am not your friend.” I apologized for offending him.

At 12:25 pm, I moved about 20 feet into the shade so that I could see the face of my cell phone better. Barnes yelled that I could not move there, but I ignored him. He placed me under arrest. Immediately I fell to the ground, as I always do when placed under arrest.

I was handcuffed behind my back. He had my arrest warrant from 3 years ago. He searched my clothes and took everything in my pockets. He said that the citation and a receipt for the confiscated property was in my tote bag. Another federal marshal said that if my fines were not paid within 10 days, he would issue another arrest warrant.

I was carried into the U. S. Courthouse and searched again. Then I was dragged to the isolation cell, which had only a bench and toilet. I urinated. The handcuffs were removed. A number of capillaries had been broken in my wrists. My hands turned blue.

A short time later, I was handcuffed again and dragged down to a NY City police car. I was taken to the police holding cells in the aptly named Criminal Court of Manhattan building.

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