Louisiana Governor Advises Women Scared of Serial Killer to Get a Gun

Posted on October 3rd, 2009 by bile
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BATON ROUGE, La.  —  Louisiana Gov. Mike Foster reminded women Thursday that they can pack a gun to protect themselves from a serial killer who has slain three women in the capital in the past 10 months.

“You have the right to get a gun permit,” Foster said. “Learn to use it.”

Foster said during his weekly radio show that he has asked state police to ensure they are helping with the investigation to find the man who slashed Pam Kinamore’s throat, strangled Gina Green and stabbed Charlotte Pace.

Kinamore’s mother, Lynne Marino, called the “Live Mike” radio show to ask the governor to intervene.

“I’m asking you to call in all the agencies throughout the state to assist us in this search for evidence and for the serial killer,” she said. “Not many towns know how to deal with a serial killer.”

The families of the victims have refused to rely solely on the police, sharing information among themselves to see if there’s some small connection between the victims.

Foster touted self-protection until the killer was found.

“Most people don’t ever want to use a gun to protect themselves — that’s the last thing they want to do — but if you know how and you have a situation with some fruitcake running around, like they’ve got right now, it sure can save you a lot of grief,” he said.

Pace, 22, lived three doors down from Green when the 41-year-old nurse was found strangled in her home on Sept. 24. Pace was stabbed to death on May 31, two days after she moved to a townhouse in another neighborhood. It doesn’t appear that the two women knew each other.

Kinamore, 44, was abducted from her home on July 12. The killer slit her throat and dumped her body along a highway 30 miles outside Baton Rouge.

Phoenix cops raid the home of an online critic

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Police officers accused of drunken driving. A female officer’s alleged promiscuity and infidelity. A commander whose critics labeled his son a child molester.

Jeff Pataky said he uses negative complaints and anonymous tips to fuel his blogging crusade against Phoenix police. A headline on his Web site suggests rewards would be provided for “dirt” on police indiscretions.

Pataky, a former software sales and marketing executive who now focuses his energy shoveling content on www.badphoenixcops.com, said he believes his online criticism of the department – along with past criticisms of police investigations – led officers to serve a search warrant at his home last week.

Police officials said Wednesday that a Phoenix detective prompted the investigation after complaining about harassment, though they declined further comment.

Pataky said he felt the investigation was a response to a lawsuit he filed on Monday in U.S. District Court saying he was maliciously prosecuted by police in 2007 after his ex-wife accused him of harassment, a case later dropped. In his lawsuit he’s asking for an unspecified amount for damages. City officials declined to comment on pending litigation.

Pataky’s blog is known in law-enforcement circles for its off-color language that, according to the blogger, is aimed at Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris, Maricopa County Andrew Thomas and other public officials.

“Too bad. They need to get over it,” Pataky said. “They are held to a higher accountability.”

Pataky said he edits the blog and works with four or five people who receive tips from a variety of sources, including sworn and retired officers.

Investigators confiscated computer material and other items from Pataky’s north Phoenix home, which he considered a threat to quit writing.

“We have heard internally from our police sources that they purposefully did this to stop me,” Pataky said. “They took my cable modem and wireless router. Anyone worth their salt knows nothing is stored in the cable modem.”

Phoenix Assistant Chief Andy Anderson said the harassment case is unique because of the connection to an unaccredited grassroots Web site. He said the blog is one part of the case, though he did not provide specifics of the ongoing investigation.

I’ve not gone as far as Pataky here on this blog but I have been harrassed by the local police due to the reporting I’ve done with regard to acquiring gun permits. I have no doubt this was a personal attack.

A chat with some officers over my last NJ handgun purchasers permit application

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Back in February, on the 5th, I applied for 2 hand gun purchasers permits as required by New Jersey Statute 2C:58-3(a). After 10 months, to the day, I received confirmation that the permits were ready for pickup. On my way back from a weekend in New Hampshire I stopped in to the Sbeg Yrr Cbyvpr Qrcnegzrag to pick up my permits. After waiting a few minutes the record bureau supervisor came out with my folder. I entered the small room between the main hallway and the records room where they take fingerprints among other things. After signing the two permits I was asked if there was anything else and I inquired about obtaining a complaint form. I was told they don’t have one and that I could either talk to someone specifically or the officer at the front window. I would have preferred a form so as to be specific and thorough but I decided to talk with the officer when offered the chance…

  • The officer started by saying he was “dying” to talk with me.
  • It was admitted that while NJ Statute 2C:58-3(f) says the permit is to be issued within 30 days of receiving the application the state police interpret that to mean after all the paperwork is finished and returned.
  • Some at Sbeg Yrr Cbyvpr Qrcnegzrag apparently use Google Alerts to scan for any mention of the organization online.
  • As a result they came across this blog.
  • The record bureau supervisor was not particularly thrilled with the posts which have appeared on this blog regarding my experiences with them.
  • While being “courteous” was brought up several times the record bureau supervisor said I had not been discourteous to him. Yet he implied that by blogging about my experiences I was being discourteous.
  • The application was submitted on February 5th. The Request for Criminal History Record Information was not responded to till March 13th. During the conversation the officer said it was submitted on April 5th which is approximately the time I first called to query about the status of the application since no reference letters were sent. Clearly indicating to me the application was sat on till I called.
  • My primary issue was the lack of professionalism in that when I was told I’d receive calls I did not and the obvious and unexplained delays on their end. The issue with laur’s reference form was something to note as was the misunderstanding that the second reference letter had not been received. However, they were not my primary concerns. After the conversation it raises more questions to the officer’s professionalism as he admitted reading my blog and having personal issues with it. It would seem to me by his behavior that day that it’s entirely likely a reason I didn’t receive any calls back was due to my public complaints. Don’t try to hide behind the law or the state police’s interpretation. Deception and lies are far worse then slow bureaucracy.
  • As for the law. The state police are supposed enforcers of the law. Assuming statute law is legitimate vs natural law… how convenient that when it applies to them they are able to liberally reinterpretate it to better suit themselves. I doubt very much I’d get the same leeway should I reinterperate the local ordinances against parking near the yellowed curb or purchasing a firearm without a background check.
  • If any officers of the SYCQ come across this let me suggest reading about laur’s experience with the Nutley Police Department. Part 1 and Part 2.

Read parts of our conversation on page 2.

Why do I bother to ask for permission to exercise my right?

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After 10 months I’ve finally been issued hand gun purchaser permits. I submitted the paperwork on February 5th.  Generally they are supposed to issue them within a month or so. What was the delay?

  1. They sat on my application. After a month or two I called the Fort Lee Police Department as to the status of the application. Two letters were to be sent out to people who need to respond to a few questions and write out why they think I should have a gun. Those letters, as ridiculous as they are, had not been sent. They claimed they had sent them but when they arrived less then a week later their postage date was after the call.
  2. The letters arrive to the expected recipients. Both were filled out and returned.  One recipient who responded with something to the effect “Because it’s his 2nd Amendment protected right.” to the “Why” question had their letter rejected. The reason wasn’t acceptable. The letter was sent again but it took longer to arrive then it should have.
  3. When the letter was returned nothing was heard back for some time. When contacted requesting the status of the application I was told the other letter never was received. I was told in the last conversation that both had been received. Since the person who they claimed not to have the response from had moved I had to give them an updated address and the letter was resent. It was filled out and returned and I never heard back. Note that I was explicitly told I would be contacted as soon as they received the paperwork.
  4. I called them recently and the person in the records department tried to tell me that if I hadn’t been contacted it wasn’t ready. I requested transfer to the officer who handles things and he was unavailable. After leaving a message I waited a few days to hear back. I get the call today and he tells me that it’s ready for pick up.

Good thing I can take my business elsewhere…