Update on Julian Heicklen’s 2010-05-25 arrest

Posted on May 27th, 2010 by bile
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  • Inmate Details: Julian Heicklen
    • NYSID: 02569223L
    • Age: 78
    • Sex: Male
    • Race: White
    • Height: 5 ft 10 inches
    • Weight: 195 lbs
    • Hair Color: White
    • Eye Color: Brown
    • Nativity: Unknown
  • Booking Information:
    • Book & Case Number: 7001000078
    • Facility: Anna M. Kross Center
    • Arrest Date: 2010-05-25
    • Arrest Number: WARRANT
    • Next Court Date: 2010-06-08
    • Projected Release Date:
    • Actual Release Date:
    • Discharge Reason:
    • Bail & Bond: Remanded
  • Charge Information
    • Docket: 2007NY029913
    • Indictment: 00000 0000
    • Charges:
      • 240.20 V0 (DISORDERLY CONDUCT )
      • 205.30 MA (RESISTING ARREST A Misdemeanor)

Please consider calling and asking about his condition and sign up on the site provided above to receive notification when he is released.

General DOC inquiries: 718-546-1500

Visiting hours: Wednesday & Thursday 1PM – 8PM; Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 7AM – 2PM
Days: May 27, 28, 29; June 2, 4, 5

My report of his arrest can be found at: http://blogofbile.com/2010/05/25/julian-heickens-2010-05-25-jury-nullification-outreach/

Also, I would like to say that Julian Heicklen at no time actively resisted arrest while I was at 500 Pearl Street. From the time he was issued the citation / arrested to the point he was out of view being wheeled into the Worth St entrance he was as if passed out. Like a rag doll. He was no more resisting arrest than someone who was paralyzed or unconscious.

Additionally, I suspect the reason he is being held without bail is due to bench warrants issued after he refused to attend court dates related to previous arrests at 500 Pearl Street as well as events going back a few years unrelated to his jury nullification outreach. It is likely that either due to looking him up after Julian’s civil case was filed or after his 2010-05-25 arrest that they noticed his bench warrants and then turned him over to the NYPD.

JailedActivist.info updated to include Clifford Barnes and Julian Heicklen.

My day in court 2010-01-19

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  • Arrived at 500 Pearl St at approximately 9:55AM. Met NYCLU representatives in front of building.
  • Approximately 10:00AM we entered the building and stood in line for a security scan.
  • At 10:20AM we got to the appropriate floor / counter. I let them know I’m present and we wait.
  • 10:40AM two officers arrive. Neither is the arresting officer, C. Barnes #245.
  • 10:45AM I overhear the officers say to the clerk that C. Barnes #245 is not going to show up. He’s apparently in training in Washington DC for the next 2 weeks. Later we learn that the Assistant US Attorney only learned he was going to be absent that morning.
  • 10:48AM Officers notify two women that their meeting with the AUSA has been rescheduled due to C. Barnes #245′s absence. They are both obviously upset. The taller, Hispanic officer attempts to get them to just pay the tickets. Asking several times if they would be paying it. As they go to leave a gentleman in his 60′s asks one of the women if she was contacted in any way. She responds in the negative. He, obviously upset by that, says something to the effect: “They could have at least let you know he wasn’t going to be here. It’s the courteous thing to do. It’s *your* government. They should issue a warrant for him. They would have done that to you had you not shown up.” At least 5 people, including myself, are affected by C. Barnes #245 not showing. Each person spoken to by the Hispanic officer he tries to get them to pay the ticket.
  • 10:50AM The Hispanic officer says to the other: “I say we just reschedule all of them.”
  • 10:52AM The Hispanic officer speaking of Julian Heicklen’s 5 tickets, which he did not appear to contest: “They should just issue a warrant for this guy. He’s got five tickets.”
  • 10:53AM The Hispanic officer starts checking out his cell phone. Perhaps reading text messages. There are several signs posted in the room saying that absolutely no one is to use cellphones.
  • 10:55AM The officers leave to meet with the AUSA with the paper work for all those present.
  • 11:00AM they start calling people in.
  • 11:15AM I’m called and told C. Barnes #245 will not be showing up and therefore the appearance is rescheduled to February 9th, 2010. We ask to talk with the AUSA anyway.
  • 12:05PM we are told to stand out in front of the conference room where the AUSA is meeting with people. He is in with the 60ish y/o who commented that Barnes should have a bench warrant issued for him. I missed the lead up to the incident but the gentleman was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. Prior to the arrest apparently the officer stepped on his foot so hard that he broke at least one toe and caused the nail to come loose. He was wearing a cast. I was unable to gather any specifics otherwise.
  • About 12:55PM the man leaves the room with the AUSA and we knock and walk in. The AUSA says that we need to reschedule due to C. Barnes #245′s absence. My NYCLU reps inform him we are not fighting the description of events but feel the regulation does not apply. We are told that he would likely drop it down to deferred with a 60 day period in which I would not be able to record otherwise I’d they’d bring the issue to trial. We indicate we want full dismissal and he tells us that he will talk with C. Barnes #245 when he gets back and if he’s OK with a dismissal so be it otherwise we will have to talk again in February.

An account of the November 9th, 2009 arrest of Julian Heicklen and myself as well as a video can be found here.

Ridley Report’s Dave Ridley found guilty of contempt of court, sentenced to 6 days in jail

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Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live has reported that Free State Project participant Dave Ridley, the man behind the Ridley Report, has been found guilty of contempt of court regarding his right to record act of civil disobedience. This is the same case which on April 13th, 2009 at his arraignment Sam Dodson along with 6 other activists were arrested on similar charges.

Dave’s originally had been charged with disorderly conduct but that was dropped and he was then charged with contempt of court. It is yet unknown if they made him aware of this or how they could change it after his arraignment for disorderly conduct.

He is to report to jail in two weeks time. More to come.


Goto http://dave.jailedactivist.info for the full story.

Keene Sentinel: Testing the system behind bars, Free Stater chides court, gains recruits

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Sentinel Staff
Published: Sunday, May 17, 2009

WESTMORELAND — A battle of wills is playing out within the cinder block walls of the Cheshire

Sam Miller talks about his experience in the local court system during a visit at the Cheshire County jail in Westmoreland.

Sam Miller talks about his experience in the local court system during a visit at the Cheshire County jail in Westmoreland.

County jail in Westmoreland, where an activist has spent more than a month protesting a judge’s order that he identify himself to police.

John Doe walks into the jail cafeteria, a faded orange jumpsuit draped over his lanky frame and a folder of legal documents tucked under his arm. He sits at a stainless steel picnic-style table and when he smiles the tendons in his long, thin neck bulge.

Doe says he hasn’t eaten solid food since he’s been behind bars because he’s on a hunger strike. When he came to jail he weighed 180 pounds, and now he weighs 116, he says.

Court and jail officials know Doe’s real name — Sam A. Miller, a 33-year-old former telecommunications specialist from Texas who moved to Keene earlier this year to join the Free State Project. They have Miller’s Texas driver’s license.

But Keene District Court Judge Edward J. Burke has ordered Miller to remain held on $10,000 bail and will not schedule a trial until he gives the Keene police his name.

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From MHD: Jones County Sheriff’s Department Falsely Arrests MHD Crew

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As many of y’all heard the MHD crew was arrested yesterday morning while traveling through Jones County, MS. Currently on our Southern Style route, we met some good folks in New Orleans the night before and were heading to Meridian, MS for breakfast with other fans of freedom then to Nashville, TN, where we were to pick up Allison Gibbs from the airport then head to a meetup there held in conjunction with Liberty on the Rocks and the TN Center for Policy Research. But that didn’t exactly pan out…

UPDATE: Listen to the Motorhome Diaries crew discuss this on Free Talk Live.

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Keene Sentinel: Orders outside the court

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A legal fog pervades the corridors and lobbies of New Hampshire’s courts.

The rules for recording public hearings in courtrooms are relatively clear: The Supreme Court says it’s allowed unless “there is a substantial likelihood of harm to any person or other harmful consequence.”

But those foggy gray areas beyond the courtrooms remain untouched by state law.

Snapping a photo or recording video in these places is permitted in some district courts and prohibited in others, at the presiding judge’s discretion.

Keene District Court Judge Edward J. Burke banned photography outside the courtroom in February in an effort to protect juveniles and victims of crimes walking through the lobby from being caught on film without their consent.

“All the district court judges who have had this issue come up in their courthouse have thought about it and we’re trying to deal with it as fairly and responsibly as we can,” state judicial branch spokeswoman Laura Kiernan said. “It’s the privacy rights of citizens that we’re concerned with here.”

On the other side of the issue, a group of activists with the Free State Project — an effort to recruit 20,000 people who prefer limited government to live in New Hampshire — are riled because they believe their right to record in a public place is being violated.

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