History of Anarchism by Darian Worden @ AltExpo #6 at PorcFest 2010

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Darian Worden writes for the Center for a Stateless Society and his own blog Revolution and Sarcasm. He’s also a co-host of Thinking Liberty.

Darian Worden speaks about left libertarianism @ 2010/03 Alt Expo

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Speaker: Darian Worden
Speech: Libertarians are Left
Affiliations: Alliance of the Libertarian Left, Center for a Stateless Society, Thinking Liberty
Website: http://darianworden.com
Event: AltExpo #5
Date: 2010/03/19

bosco presents: a Thinking Liberty advert

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You can hear Thinking Liberty with Darian Worden, Tennyson and bile on Patriot Radio on Tuesdays from 8pm to 9pm.

ALLiance Issue #3 released

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Find it at http://libertyactivism.info/wiki/File:ALLiance_-_Issue_03.pdf

  • Hermes in the Agora (Communication, Cultural Mediation and the Anarchic Spirit) –Nick Louras
  • Tax Increases Could Deepen the Recession –Fred Foldvary
  • Don’t Tell Me, Show Me! A Quick Look at Insurgent Political Influence –Darian Worden
  • The Cost of Vietnam –Jim Davidson
  • Mother, Should I Trust the Government? –Kevin Carson
  • To Tramps –Lucy E. Parsons
  • Left-Libertarianism and the Weird Case for Market Means to Socialist Ends –James Tuttle

It’s nice to see that http://libertyactivism.info is being utilized. It reminds me that I need to ask Laur to remake the logo to say Liberty Activism Knowledge Repository.

*  Hermes in the Agora (Communication, Cultural Mediation and the Anarchic Spirit) –Nick Louras
* Tax Increases Could Deepen the Recession –Fred Foldvary
* Don’t Tell Me, Show Me! A Quick Look at Insurgent Political Influence –Darian Worden
* The Cost of Vietnam –Jim Davidson
* Mother, Should I Trust the Government? –Kevin Carson
* To Tramps –Lucy E. Parsons
* Left-Libertarianism and the Weird Case for Market Means to Socialist Ends –James Tuttle

Tea Party Round Up

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Rally Sign

The Picket Line discusses a Tea Party from an anti-war protest side.  The protest was described as a mostly white mishmash of a few hundred people.  The crowd sounded homogeneous enough to warrant pointing out some of the interesting outliers, such as anti-racism punks and fed-up Obama liberals.

Jeremy at Social Memory Complex posted an entry about how he believes the Tea Parties may be designed to create an artficial grassroots (astroturf) conservative movement.  He’s thinking that someone could be trying to replicate the moveon.org/RP campaign homegrown style.  Here’s an excerpt:

While the teabaggers selectively copy much of Paul’s style, they are really trying to build a conservative answer to the Obama campaign. Nobody in politics can help but marvel at the political machine Obama’s campaign was able to assemble. How he was able to inspire people to take action, coordinate that action online, and deliver a consistent message of change that he has, to date, not been expected to deliver on is a real political holy grail. Obama is the essence of image without substance; to achieve a consistently manufacturable campaign like his would help cement the conservative movement’s position in American politics.

It’s a pretty quick read, with some interesting ideas.  It also references both teabagging and the kochtopus, two of my favorite subjects.

Comrade Darian Worden chimes in with a perspective on the NYC rally.  Apparently it was pretty lame and involved a bunch of flag waving bullshit including addresses from seedy politicians and plaudits for the NYPD.  Fortunately for those in attendance Darian was able to distribute some suitably anarchist literature to show them a more principled way.  He was also interviewed for a documentary.  Hats off to Darian for making the trip, lets hope you helped influence some people.  Here’s a quote (click the links for some good propaganda):

Now Santelli and Gingrich (yeah, he’s still around) are trying to rip me off (or more precisely, trying to steal discontent to gain political power). Not going to happen, guys. If you’re going to say revolution, I’m going to show you what it looks like. I gave out about 40 of the new Freedom in Chains flyers I made, and about 30 of the old Freedom in Chains bundled with de Cleyre’s Anarchism and American Traditions. I pitched them as “individualist literature” or “free market stuff.” If inquired further, I generally said they were about some ways we can take power back from the political system.

A blogger at KN@PPSTER weighs in on the St. Louis Tea Party and comes to the conclusion that not only was it huge, but it was genuinely grass-roots and not co-opted by any major political party.  That’s heartening.  Apparently they had a good time and saw a lot of people who were anti-bailout, anti-tax and anti-big government.  Perhaps there is hope for the future.

Finally my own personal libertarian messiah Anthony Gregory kicked some ass and took some names with this nice little article reminding people that the current conservatives still suck.  Here’s a quote:

The contradiction is a wonder to behold. In one breath, [conservatives] talk about the fundamental violations of natural rights and constitutional law that modern American statism represents. In the next breath, they decry the president for being insufficiently enthusiastic about American imperialism and the national security state. He is too soft on foreigners and not proud enough of the history of the US war machine – this is still a key rightwing criticism of Obama, right alongside the contradictory claim that Obama puts love of the national government ahead of individual rights.

ALL goes to Porcfest

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From Darian Worden:

The Alliance of the Libertarian Left will attend this summer’s Porcupine Freedom Festival in Lancaster, NH. We hope a large band of ALLies will be there.

The Free State Project, an effort to get liberty-oriented people to move to New Hampshire to concentrate their political influences, holds “Porcfest” to showcase the Granite State in a fun atmosphere. This year the festival is officially June 25 through 28, though some Porcupines will be at the campground earlier in the week.

Even though it’s a Free State Project event, you don’t have to be planning to move to the shire to have a good time. If you’re into market anarchism, voluntaryism, or any free market radicalism, Porcfest is somewhere you want to be. Open bar, open carry, and open marketplaces will all be there in a clever ploy to lure libertarians to New Hampshire (fair warning: there’s a good chance you’ll want to stay). Plenty of fun activities will be planned by Porcfest organizers and self-organizing folks.

Alliance of the Libertarian Left people from a variety of locations will be there to have fun, promote agorism, add a distinctly left libertarian perspective, and represent ALL at a vendor table. We’ll contribute shirts, buttons, mounds of subversive literature, and our cheery personalities to the festivities.

If you need a ride or want to join a rideshare, try the FSP forums. If you’re coming from the Chicago area, Soviet Onion is getting a rideshare together and you can contact him at crimsonavalon[at] gmail.com. If you need to find a ride or have any other questions, you can also email nj.libertarianleft[at] gmail.com. If you’re curious about the Alliance of the Libertarian Left, check out all-left.net. If you’re not familiar with the libertarian left and you see us at Porcfest, we hope you’ll stop by and chat with us.

Don’t miss out on the fun this revolutionary year!

So come on out to Porcfest.  I’ll be there Fri, Sat and Sun and I’ll be happy to talk with you or argue with you, whatever you prefer.  I know it’s going to be nice to see all them liberty lovers again, as well as some ALLies who I’ve only chatted with.  Drop by the ALL table and exchange some money for goods or services.  I can’t think of many services we offer but I know I speak for myself when I say I’ll squaredance with you for a rate well below minimum wage.