C-SPAN 2 to cover the entire Rally for the Republic

Posted on September 1st, 2008 by bile
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Great news! We received confirmation today that C-SPAN 2 will cover the entire Rally for the Republic from start to finish. Yesterday, we announced “Take over the net Tuesday“, and your mission to once again spread the message online. Now, we have another channel to broadcast Ron Paul’s legendary speech.

Email, call, and talk to your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family and remind them to tune in to C-SPAN 2 or browse to www.CampaignforLiberty.com to watch the entire broadcast live on Tuesday.

Tuesday’s Rally for the Republic schedule:
11:30 – Doors open
12:30 – Intro: Tucker Carlson
12:40 – National Anthem: Matt Colvin
12:50 – Invocation: Barb Davis White
12:55 – Howard Phillips
1:10 – Doug Wead
1:30 – Tom Woods
1:50 – Grover Norquist
2:10 – Lew Rockwell
2:30 – Bill Kauffman
2:50 – Special Guest
3:10 – Bruce Fein
3:35 – Gov. Jesse Ventura
4:05 – John Tate, Campaign for Liberty Presentation
4:25 – Gov. Gary Johnson
5:00 – Aimee Allen
6:00 – Break
7:00 – Intro: Barry Goldwater Jr.
7:05 – Ron Paul
8:05 – Sara Evans
9:30 – End of Program

Good article about McCain’s dislike of Paul

Posted on June 19th, 2008 by bile
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Now that Hillary Rodham Clinton has conceded the Democratic contest, we are faced with the prospect of another round of boring, scripted party conventions.

The only sign of life is the alternative convention scheduled for September in St. Paul by Ron Paul. The losing candidate for the Republican nomination has hired a hall so he can put on a show for the libertarian wing of the party as the big GOP show goes on nearby.

This promises to be fun. But it would be more fun if the Republicans had simply given the Texas congressman a speaking role at the convention and thereby brought his supporters into the fold. John McCain certainly needs them in what promises to be a close election. But why doesn’t he want them?

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FSP’s Liberty Forum Day Four

Posted on January 7th, 2008 by bile
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  • 9:00AM Watched a Libertarian debate featuring: Alden Link, Daniel Imperato, George Phillies, Wayne Allyn Root, and Michael Jingozian. It was moderated by Gardner Goldsmith and former Libertarian presidential candidate Don Gorman. Part 1, Part 2. Link was less enthusiastic than Fred Thompson. He admitted that the only reason for his candidacy was to raise awareness for and push nuclear power. Imperato had a problem understanding that if you place your face so close to the mic that you could kiss it it doesn’t sound good. He’s not even a libertarian. He’s anti non-American. He wants to place fees on everyone else who comes in contact with us from naturalization to exports. Phillies had the most consistent LP platform. He also appears to be the most educated on the issues in general and is very realistic and frank about what he would and could do as president. He also fully admits that’s an incredibly unlikely situation and he’s more interested in making the LP a legit party in the eyes of the general public. Root is a libertarian Republican really but more Republican than libertarian unlike Ron Paul. He’s really got the attitude and money experience that would be nice to see in a LP candidate but his platform isn’t nearly as good as Phillies’. He does have an interesting plan on growing the party which I’d like to see him do regardless of whether he wins the LP candidacy. Jingozian wasn’t very motivated. I didn’t feel that he was putting all that much effort into his candidacy and came across as ignorant often on topics. There were people video recording this but at the time of posting I’ve been unable to find it online.
  • 12:00PM Closing Ceremony. Bob Schultz introduces John McManus of the John Birch Society. He have the speech called What About the Constitution? At around 1:10PM Ron Paul was introduced. He brought Barry Goldwater Jr. with him. The video below isn’t complete but it’s a decent speech.
  • After Paul had left the room people started to leave and xyz and myself decided to head home. We went around to say goodbye to our new acquaintances. Gardner Goldsmith, Mark Edge, etc. Unfortunately some people were busy dealing with Paul so Chris Lawless, Glen Jacobs and a few others were missed. I met some Objectivists during the forum, both who hate and like Paul, who invited me to the Atlas Society‘s Summer Seminar. It’s 2 weeks after PorcFest which I’m more interested in attending so I it’s not likely I’ll attend (that and it’s in Oregon and I’m not in agreement with some of the major tenets of Objectivism as far as I currently understand them).
  • We got in the car, went to exit the parking deck and there was a large group of Paul supporters blocking the exit. Seems Dr. Paul was just leaving. We crept through the back of the crowd and headed home. Took about 4 hours.