Alex Jones cashing in on Obama presidency

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I’m sure there will be some good stuff in the film as their usually is with Jones’ work. We’ll see.

Alex Jones on the Obama worship

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Too funny.

Barry Cooper on Alex Jones’ show

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Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

Chuck Norris on the Alex Jones show, Ron Paul is the only politician he trusts

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Martial arts pro and actor Chuck Norris used to be a Mike Huckabee supporter. But appearing on the Alex Jones Show this week, Norris revealed that there is only one politician left that he trusts: and it’s not Huckabee.

I am so worried – like so many people in America are – about the future, about the direction our country’s heading…The founding fathers had a vision for America, and it was not corrupted by greed and power. And the politicians are so disconnected from the will of the People. We’ve got to do something about it.

Truthfully, when the Republicans were in control of the Congress…they ran us into the ground. So the Democrats said, ‘Well, we’ll change everything. We’ll make everything better.’ So now the Democrats have control of Congress, and they run us deeper into the ground. I don’t know who to trust. I don’t trust any of them. Ron Paul is the only guy I trust.

If I had one wish…one wish…I’d like to line up all the members of Congress, and have Ron Paul walk with me down the line and say, ‘Okay, which one’s corrupted? Which one’s corrupted?’ And the ones he points to…I will choke them unconscious. And stick them into a pile.

Part 2

It’s a shame he didn’t come around till now. It couldn’t have hurt Paul to have had his support.

Ron Paul talking with Alex Jones about the upcoming war with Iran

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“If we do (attack) it is going to be a disaster,” the Congressman told the Alex Jones show this Thursday.

“I was astounded to see on one of the networks the other day that the debate was not are we going to attack? but are we going to attack before or after the election?” Paul continued.

The Congressman recently voiced his concern over House Congressional Resolution 362 which he has dubbed a ‘Virtual Iran War Resolution’.

“If that comes up it is demanding that the President put on an absolute blockade of the entire country of Iran, and punish any country or any business group around the world if they trade with Iran.” Paul told listeners.

Experts have predicted gas will rise to $6 per gallon if the resolution passes, Paul believes that may happen anyway just by anticipation.

“The frightening thing is they say they are taking no options off the table, even nuclear first strike.” The Congressman stated.

Paul believes from talking with his contacts in and around Congress that a strike on Iran has already been green lighted.

“That is my sense because the Democratic leadership in the House are proposing no resistance whatsoever, we saw this when a supplemental bill came up and the President asked for $107 billion for the war, the Democrat leadership gave them $162 billion.

It is still totally bewildering to me when I see men and women in the Congress that I know and like doing this just to get along. Most of them will say “I agree with you on all you say but the Iranians are bad people and they might attack us some day… I hear members of Congress saying ‘if we could only nuke them’.”

Really is sureal.

Guess who’s in the top 100 best-read sites covering politics?

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Congrats to Alex Jones, Lew Rockwell and Ron Paul supporters.