Alex Jones interviewed by Russia Today

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Like Alex Jones says: he’s working off their own publications

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This is a May 1, 2008 document issued from the world’s foremost stink tank the Council on Foreign Relations entitled:

International Institutions and Global Governance Program
World Order in the 21st Century
A New Initiative of the Council on Foreign Relations

Two excerpts:

“In each of these spheres, the program will consider whether the most promising framework for governance is a formal organization with universal membership (e.g., the United Nations); a regional or sub-regional organization; a narrower, informal coalition of like-minded countries; or some combination of all three.”

“…the country’s longstanding tradition of liberal “exceptionalism” inspires U.S. vigilance in protecting the domestic sovereignty and institutions from the perceived incursions of international bodies. Finally, the separation of powers enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, which gives Congress a critical voice in the ratification of treaties and endorsement of global institutions, complicates U.S. assumptions of new international obligations.”

You can read the entire document and then, as they like to say in sportscasting, “You make the call.”

I’d like to quote the last paragraph too:

The program’s location within the Council on Foreign Relations will prove invaluable in furthering its ambitious aims. The program will exploit the CFR’s convening power, offering forums in New York, Washington, and around the country where domestic and international opinion leaders can debate proposed institutional reforms with the Council’s membership. Through co-hosting events with partner institutions in the United State and abroad, the program will solicit input and buy-in from foreign governments and publics, as well as representatives from civil society and the private sector, for proposed recommendations on global governance. Finally, the program will serve a broader role in bipartisan consensus-building and public education by engaging administration officials and members of Congress on new directions in global governance, and by making its products widely available through a variety of media.

How can someone read that and not feel a bit of sympathy for the the likes of Alex Jones and their whole NWO views? “World governance”, “world order”, etc. As Ron Paul says this is a conspiracy of ideas. They openly and actively and progressively advocate a one world government. Dangerous and scary stuff. Hell even Fox News is starting to believe it.

H/T  David Kramer

Local governments breaking up tent cities

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Dozens of Ontario police and code enforcement officers descended upon the homeless encampment known as Tent City early Monday, separating those who could stay from those to be evicted.

Large, often confused, crowds formed ragged lines behind police barricades where officers handed out color-coded wristbands. Blue meant they were from Ontario and could remain. Orange indicated they had to provide more proof to avoid ejection, and white meant they had a week to leave.

Many who had taken shelter at the camp — which had grown from 20 to more than 400 residents in nine months — lacked paperwork, bills or birth certificates proving they were once Ontario residents.

“When my husband gets out of jail he can bring my marriage certificate; will that count?” asked one tearful woman.

Another resident, clearly confused, seemed relieved to get a white band — not understanding it meant she had to leave.

Pattie Barnes, 47, who had her motor home towed away last week, shook with anger.

“They are tagging us because we are homeless,” she said, staring at her orange wristband. “It feels like a concentration camp.”

And here is a follow up.

Last week, police handed out 90-day, renewable photo identification cards to about 130 people. The others were told to leave by Monday.

Police also banned pets and ordered all motor homes and campers to be removed from the streets.

The crackdown caused anguish for many who thought that they had a secure place for the foreseeable future.

Gina Worges, 47, has family in Ontario and was able to stay, but her boyfriend had to leave.

“I’m staying because I got no place else to go,” said Worges, who was evicted from a house after not being able to pay rent. “My daughter is . . . flying a sign on Citrus Avenue asking for money.”

Worges’ daughter, Nancy McAbee, 21, gave birth last month to a girl whom she put into foster care. McAbee still lives in Tent City.

Worges’ boyfriend, who could not prove an Ontario link, took her two dogs and moved back beneath an overpass along the 10 Freeway in Bloomington.

Alex Jones has recently covered a tent city in California:

Part 2

The national government and the Federal Reserve create the environment to cause many of these people to be in that situation and now the local governments are screwing them over by breaking up the tent cities. All this could be handled far better. Let the people protect themselves. Let them homestead the land or some other lot which isn’t being used and allow them to build as they see fit. They’ll take care of themselves.

The Obama Deception

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Missouri police report claims Gadsden and US Civil flags are militia insignias

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Alex Jones has received a secret report distributed by the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) entitled “The Modern Militia Movement” and dated February 20, 2009. A footer on the document indicates it is “unclassified” but “law enforcement sensitive,” in other words not for public consumption. A copy of the report was sent to Jones by an anonymous Missouri police officer.

The MIAC report specifically describes supporters of presidential candidates Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, and Bob Barr as “militia” influenced terrorists and instructs the Missouri police to be on the lookout for supporters displaying bumper stickers and other paraphernalia associated with the Constitutional, Campaign for Liberty, and Libertarian parties.


I’ve got both a Gadsden flag and civil sovereign flag on my book bag. And I’ve watched America: Freedom to Fascism.

The President who told the truth

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Not so sure I by into the idea the Kennedy wasn’t part of the ol’ boys club too but his speech was is pretty good.

The interview about the Bohemian Grove toward the 8+ minute mark was interesting. Hadn’t seen that before.

The didn’t mention that several Wall Street firms including Morgan Stanley are members of the CFR.