• 11:45AM: I, @blogofbile, arrive on scene.
  • 11:55AM: Julian Heicklen so far unharassed. #fija #tlot
  • 12:00PM: Officer Barnes has made contact with Julain @ 12:00PM
  • 12:05PM: Barnes standing a few feet from Julian
  • 12:08PM: julian continues to hand out flyers to people walking by with Barnes almost in arms length #fija
  • 12:23PM: Barnes is standing there with a citation in hand feet from Julian, one other officer near. #fija #tlot
  • 12:39PM: Julian still handing out pamphlets, cops still hovering with citation.#tlot #fija
  • 12:50PM: Julian down, arrested #FIJA #tlot
  • 12:52PM: Barnes is going through his pockets, rolling him over
  • 12:53PM: Julian has had his armes cuffed behind him
  • 12:57PM: Julian is unresponsive, Barnes is going through his bag, put hat on his face, perhaps to shield from sun. #tlot #fija
  • 1:04PM: Barnes is picking julian up, dragged to steps, #tlot #fija
  • 1:10PM: Two officers in uniform and three in suits surround julian on steps. He’s still unresponsive. #tlot #fija
  • 1:15PM: They have brought out a wheelchair and are placing him in it, taking him in opposite direction #tlot #fija
  • 1:18PM: Brought him inside entrance on worth st, he’s out of sight. #fija#tlot
  • 1:21PM: Not sure there is anything else I can do here. Heading back. Let us hope he is safe. #fija #tlot #kidnapping
  • 1:57PM: Julian Heicklen’s arresting officer was Federal Protection Services officer Clifford Barnes #245 as before #jhfija#kidnapping #tlot #fija

Update: I forgot to mention that while no one went to the officers to ask about why he was being detained some did approach me or stand near me and inquired to those standing around. One gentleman didn’t believe at first that what he was doing was unlawful and when I explained it to him he was very vocally opposed to the regulation and how Julian was being treated.

Update2: Danial Patrick has said on Facebook that Julian was handed over to the NYPD.

Update3: Brad Spangler, on Facebook, reported:

Tried to get public info on arrest of Julian Heicklen from the NYPD Department of Corrections automated info line & partly succeeded. He is in the system as Julian Heicklen, state ID state id 02569223L and book/case number 7001000078. He is listed as in custody at “an unknown location”. No info on charges, bail amount or health/welfare was available.