Inspired by Liberty Forum and Dave Ridley saying that people should create their own media, I decided to write a song about Anthony Gregory.  You can learn more about Anthony Gregory at his website.  Here you go, lyrics follow after the break:

Anthony Gregory (mp3|ogg)


Anthony Gregory
Campaign for Liberty
Fighting all this tyranny
Frettin’ about history

Spewing from the podium
Long attack of volume
Figures make your brain fume
Vomit when you leave the room

Speaking against prohibition
Advocating competition
Editing the RP mission
Peaceful fella with conditions

Lincoln’s surely not the man
Nor Obama, “Yes we can”
FDR, he’s not a fan
He really hates that New Deal plan

Fascist Delano Roosevelt
A period we could do without
At least that’s how Anthony felt
Of it to Lew he wrote about

would not get far
if he be
where Anthony are

Rocking stats from CATO
Railing against NATO
I think that I’ll just lay low
Stand back and let him go

Don’t think you can compete
With depth and breadth that’s so complete
As to annihilate those who speak
against the libertarian leet

Interpreting the constitution
Showing classical solutions
Property rights to fix pollution
Logic from the revolution

Gregory’s got Thomas Paine
All up in his giant brain
Some common sense for those who claim
The nanny state is not insane

This empire is bullshit
Anthony wants no part in it
Invade a country he’ll pitch a fit
He’s not about to just sit

of stats-and-stats
with facts-and-facts
in red-black-hats

Wants a right to self defense
Guns for all with no attempts
To limit language too intense
Won’t waste time on compliments

My bad I was confused
Positive right will surely lose
Leaving with my ego bruised
Negative right he’d probably choose

He’ll mix it up in all the fights
Property could take all night
Guns, drugs and children’s rights
No end in distant sight

Writing he’s done a lot
But articles aren’t all he’s got
His poetry tops this rot
His lectures get a prominent spot

And when he’s done proving you wrong
He’ll stand up and play a song
Keys or strings they all belong
His repertoire is quite long


Apologies in advance for poor spelling and errors in ideology.