… or Secession Day or antiauthoritarian day or …

A few articles to check out while waiting for the hotdogs and burgers to cook.

A Fresh Look at HolidaysButler Shaffer

Just how far we have contorted our thinking about “independence day” is reflected in most people’s thinking about fireworks. Like private gun-ownership, our personal use of fireworks represents too much power in the hands of individuals. And so, we confine ourselves to the absurdity of having the state celebrate our liberty and independence for us!

July 4th In Bizarro WorldManuel Lora

What follows are just a few of the July 4th lies and errors that we are supposed to blindly accept:

  • The military is glorious, its heroes heroic, and our support is patriotic
  • Freedom is about authority
  • The police keep us safe and have a duty to protect us
  • We are better off now than when the war on drugs started decades ago
  • Continually increasing prices is a product of the market and thus the central bank must control credit and the money supply
  • With proper reform, government can become efficient, especially if we elect the right leaders
  • The Constitution gives people rights
  • The government has been formed by the consent of the governed
  • Without the state regulating/subsidizing/taxing/prohibiting activity or industry X, said industry or activity would be produced in quantities and/or qualities that are too high or too low; or would run rampant, cartelize and monopolize the market; or would not survive in a predatory competitive environment
  • The more politically democratic things are, the better for everyone
  • No matter what the cost to the public, protecting the children/our veterans/our senior citizens/our teachers is always the number one priority
  • The free movement of goods and people destroys jobs and threatens our standard of living
  • Businesses have no incentives to keep their customers safe; licenses ensure fair practices
  • The law may occasionally be wrong, but it should nonetheless be followed always
  • We must forever give up essential liberties to guarantee safety: it’s for your own good

Happy Secession Day! – Thomas DiLorenzo

That’s what Thomas Jefferson would be celebrating today. Unlike so many Americans, he would not be celebrating the American empire, with its “unitary executive,” swarms of tax-collecting bureaucrats, its militarization of society, protectionism, economic fascism, suspension of habeas corpus, domestic spying, etc., etc. The Hamiltonian republic that we now live under, which is celebrated by the liberal/left and neocons alike, is the opposite of Jefferson’s dream of an “empire of liberty.”

And of course there is the Decleration of Independence. Agreed upon on July 2nd and officially recognized on the 4th.

I’d imagine if you watch mises.org or lewrockwell.com today you’ll get plenty of other articles on the topic of freedom, secession, etc.